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1da42-charactercrushiconThis week’s character crush features heroine, Tameka Morgan a.k.a Grammy award-winning singer, Meeko Moore from Author Raynetta Manees’ novel, Follow Your Heart. Check out more details on Tameka and the man that captures her heart.

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 1.   Why is Tameka your character crush?

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My character crush is Tameka Morgan, the heroine of my novel “Follow Your Heart.”

Meeko Moore, a recent Grammy winner, is the stage name of small town girl Tameka Morgan, who is determined her music not compromise her Christian convictions.  But her manager, Danny Dorsey, repeatedly demands more titillating music and costumes.  Tameka must fend off his repeated sexual overtures, as well.  Needing time to regroup, she flees LA to return to her Georgia hometown.

Tamika has a special place in my heart because I am also a singer.  Tamika is sweet, friendly, and not in the least “stuck up” as some people in her hometown assume she is because now she’s a celebrity.

I’m a singer and most of the characters are all my books are involved in some form of communication/entertainment.  I have a soft spot in my heart for Tamika because young as she is (twenty-three) her faith is paramount in her life and she refuses to compromise her standards either professionally with her music or personally with her life.


2.   What actor or actress resembles Tameka?

Toni Braxton was the singer/actress I had at the back of my mind as a “blueprint” for Tameka.


3.   Does Tameka wish she were more like her best friend?

 Tameka’s best friend is Eddie Mae, an elementary school English teacher.  Tameka doesn’t envy her but does admire her teaching skills as well as her wicked sense of humor.  Tameka also admires Eddie Mae for her steadfast loyalty.


4.   Who would be Tameka’s dream date?

Tameka’s dream date is the book’s hero, the Reverend Tyler Barnett.  Ty is a former college football player who was called to be a minister instead.  Ty is an expert mechanic as well and runs around town in a pink and black 1957 Buick Roadmaster that he rescued from a junkyard and totally rebuilt himself.  Ty is handsome, strong, funny, and true to his faith without being at all “preachy.”  As one of my readers put it: ” a romance novel with a “Christian” perspective.  This in no way took away from the romance, love, and suspense this story held.  I did not know how she was going to keep the story interesting. I mean, A ROMANCE NOVEL WITH A MINISTER? Who ever heard of such before? Well, when I opened this book I could not put it down.”


5. If someone asked Tameka what the most important rule to live by was, how would she answer?

 Tameka would say the most important rule to live by is The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Tameka lives this by being kind, thoughtful, and supportive to everyone she meets, especially the teens in the Young People’s choir that Ty recruits Tameka to direct because of the illness of their regular directress.





Author Raynetta Manees

About Raynetta Manees

Raynetta Manees is a best-selling, award winning author. Her books are in both digital and print editions and she is traditionally published and self-published. She’s done it all! Several five-star ★★★★★ Black romance novels as well as a non-fiction book about #Alzheimer’s. All books on amazon and B&N.
Her landmark first-person novel, All For Love, first released in 1996, is now considered a Black romance classic. An updated e-book edition of the novel was released in 2013. This book is now Book One of The SuperStar SeriesSeptember 2016 marked Raynetta’s 20th anniversary as an author. She celebrated this milestone with the release of Book Two of The SuperStar Series, All For Love: The Superstar in Sept 2016.
The book is a finalist for the 2017 Emma Award for the Best Contemporary Romance of the year. The Emma—the premier award for black authors of romance—recognizes excellence in published romance novels and novellas featuring black, African-American, and multicultural protagonists.
The author’s 2014 release was the update to her five-star rated romance novel, Fantasy. Her 2013 updated release, All For Love, also rated five stars, made three Top 100 best-sellers lists in its first week and remained there for six weeks. Raynetta is the very first recipient of the Award of Excellence from for her novel Follow Your Heart.
She is currently working on Book Three of The SuperStar Series, All For Love: The Superstar’s Daughter, which will be released in 2018.

Contact information for Author Raynetta Manees:

Raynetta’s author page on is


Email:  (Please show “Reader” and your name in the subject line.)

Facebook: Raynetta Manees, Author

Twitter:  @raynettaman

Pinterest: Raynetta Manees Author on Pinterest

Instagram: ms.manees

Goodreads Author Page:

Mail:  P.O. Box 3203, Southfield, MI  48037

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