Character Crush: Ethan Warner of Tracker’s Heart

Hey all! Character Crush is back and we’re starting with Ethan Warner of Tracker’s Heart by author Emily Carrington.



TrackersHeartFinal_coversm (1)What attracts you to Ethan and why is he your character crush?

Ethan Warner is my character crush because he’s full of quiet power, he’s Japanese-American (I love Asian men), and because he has a sneaky sense of humor. For example, he likes playing with fancy language and using double entendres.

 What is Ethan’s life mantra?

*Grin*. Ethan’s most oft-repeated mental words are “not now”, which he directs at his libido when it rouses during a mission or at other inappropriate times.  While this isn’t a life mantra, it is Ethan’s way of calming his body’s urges, and he finds it quite effective.

If Ethan was deserted on an island, what would he take with him?

A survival kit—Ethan is extremely pragmatic. Failing that, he would take his lover, Jeremy, because between the two of them there’s no problem they can’t solve.

What is the one thing  Ethan wants most in the world and what will he do to get it? Ethan wants safety and a promise of happiness from a supernatural being—a god’s guarantee that he, Ethan, is on the right path. But when he discovers he can’t have this, he learns he can be content with a lover’s promise.


What makes Ethan sexy?

His looks—there’s a picture of him on the book cover—but also his desire to please, sexually, the man (or Night Wanderer) he’s attracted to. He takes a carnal glee in small things, like unbraiding a lover’s hair or inhaling a scent that reminds him of home and loved ones.

What does Ethan stand for?

Ethan stands for justice and equality, not just between magical creatures but between the magical and mundane (human) worlds. He chose to be a SearchLight tracker—hunter, ambassador, peacemaker, killer—in pursuit of his goal: to see peace throughout the world.

If Ethan were doing a sexy photo shoot, what would he wear?

Fundoshi—which is akin to the single garment wore by sumo wrestlers.

What key childhood event occurred that changed the way Ethan sees the world?

Ethan was born with his psychic powers switched on, unlike most LGBTQ werewolves, who develop their psychic abilities during adolescence. When Ethan was six, he “tattled” on a member of the pack that his precognitive talent told him was plotting against the alpha. Instead of rewarding Ethan, he was shunned for having psychic abilities and for being an LGBTQ wolf by extension. Ethan was banished from his birth pack. Luckily, he was found by a SearchLight agent who took him in and raised him as her son.

What’s sexy to Ethan?

Ethan has a thing for werewolf dominance. He likes to rise to the challenge of meeting a dominant personality where they are and bringing them down a few pegs—but without causing humiliation or any negative feelings. This is difficult, especially because most dominant wolves are arrogant and see challenge to their authority as undesirable. Ethan is dominant in his own right, but chooses to hide it behind dissimulation—and then come out laughing at another’s show of power.


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