Character Crush : Hunter “Rush” Cambridge of the Rapture series, Bk 4

Please welcome Perri Forrest, author of the Rapture series and her character crush, Hunter “Rush” Cambridge of book 4!


What attracts you to Rush and why is he your character crush?   rush2

Hunter “Rush” Cambridge is my character and I am attracted to him because the man that I used to channel his energy, was who I believe was the love of my life. Unfortunately, we lost him in 2008 to suicide, but he was my alpha in every way. Just like Rush he was everything about family. Rush has qualities that I would love in any man where he puts his woman first and is always going to make sure that she is okay mentally, physically, and spiritually at all times. He’s hardcore and soft, nice-looking, athletic and compassionate all wrapped in one. I love that he says it like it is and that he’s a consummate business man. Although he is a man of money, he also likes to see the fruits of his labor, so long after having left the baseball field, he still puts in work in both his club and his sports bar. He’s just an all-around guy—and he’s tall, dark and handsome! Thanks for giving me the freedom to finally crush out on him without sounding crazy! I’m so loving you right now! Lol

What key childhood event occurred that changed the way Rush sees the world?  When Rush was a young boy, his mother disappeared from his life, unannounced one day. He never knew what happened to her and went through life thinking that she just kind of walked away. But when Siobhan Cavanaugh showed back up in Rush’s life after years of missing so much, the struggle was whether or not to accept her back in or continue to proceed through life without that maternal connection. Due to the absence of his mother, while protective of the women close to him, he didn’t see himself being committed to any one situation and chose to play the field instead. For him, relationships of that nature were temporary anyway, so why give yourself to one when you could give yourself to many?

 What makes Rush sexy?  The fact that he can be soft as cotton and never lose any of his charisma. The way in which he softens for the people that he loves, doesn’t take one ounce away from the fact that when he needs to turn on his inner street, he can’t do that. He’s comfortable enough in his masculinity to be who he needs to be at the times he needs to be them.

Does Rush think redemption is possible? If so, can anyone be redeemed, or are there only certain circumstances that can be? If not, why does Rush think nothing can redeem itself? He definitely believes in redemption. He had two life-changing situations occur in his life and while it took a while, he did end up forgiving both individuals. When his mother showed back up in his life, he didn’t immediately send her on her way. I think a part of him was still in little boy mode where he wanted the answers. He needed the answers. So, without being the one to ask them and allowing his mother to provide the answers on her own, he was able to freely be vulnerable and allow her back in although the pivotal years had been missed. There was also his half-sister Jamie, who was one half of a family duo to keep the secret from Rush that he had fathered a child nine years earlier. The way in which that secret was revealed sent Rush reeling in anger and resentment and fearful that his daughter wouldn’t want to know him. While he did go on to build a healthy and loving relationship with his baby girl, those responsible for keeping her a secret, were kept at bay until a time where Rush could properly allow them to redeem themselves.  So, yes, he definitely believes in redemption.

What does Rush stand for? He is all about family.  Screw with his family and you screw with him and he has no problem with making sure the impact is felt.

Describe Rush’s soulmate.

Rush’s soulmate is Alika. Alika literally crashed into his life at a time where love was the thing least expected. She appeared fragile, naïve and broken when she entered his life, but his love revived her. The love that they share allowed Alika to enter into the woman she had always been but didn’t know herself to be—until Rush. They are equally protective of one another. They both love each other unconditionally, and they are both the air that the other breathes. So their souls are connected on a deep and spiritual level that can’t be broken. Interrupted? Maybe. Broken? Not ever.

How did you create Rush?

I created him in my likeness of what I’d like in a man. He’s the full package and I literally built him out on paper before bringing him to life. He was based off of someone that I was once in a romantic relationship with, but that relationship was tumultuous. We fought hard . . . and a lot. But we loved hard too. I’ll admit, however, that there were more low’s than high’s. So, when I developed Rush Cambridge, I made sure he was what I would envision myself with to a “T”. I needed to know that that kind of man really existed for me. I knew that if I could create him on paper, then it was very possible that I was working to manifest him for my real life. In my story, Rush is Caucasian, but I’m honestly open to whatever skin my Mr. Right comes in ☺

Describe your creative process.

I daydream a lot! Sounds crazy, I know, but I do. I will begin to think of a situation that has occurred in my life and then focus on how it was handled and how it could have gone differently—or what made it great. After that, I’ll go and cast people for the roles and I allow them to tell me who they want to be, what they want to say, and so forth. So, literally, I daydream my way to an introduction and then the characters come in on the tail end and start to write the story with me. What’s annoying about my creative process is that it does NOT begin to flow until I have the beginning of my story. It’s very annoying because it takes me back to being in school when I couldn’t start a paper until I had the introduction. It isn’t supposed to be that way and I just figure that as I become more confident in my craft, that little thing will change. At least I hope so!


Rapture 4 released on February 14, 2017, and is available on Amazon on both Kindle and in paperback. Both the boxed set and the eBook version are a part of Kindle Unlimited. Readers can either go to my website or to my tab on Facebook to see updates and/or access links for not just the current release, but the other books in the series as well.


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