Character Crush – Because authors have crushes too!


What attracts you to Darryl Bridges and why is he your character crush?
My character crush is superstar Darryl Bridges, who is the hero of both my first book, All For Love: The SuperStar’s Lady, and my most recent book, its “mirror image” novel, All For Love: The SuperStar.  Over the years I have had many women readers tell me that they themselves were in love with Darryl, and I don’t blame them because I am, too. 
I’m attracted to him because he is, by my design and creation, my perfect man.  He is the most famous person in the world, and he is also the most famous entertainer in the world.  He has all the trappings that come with that including great wealth.  He is also impossibly handsome and sexy.
But that’s not why he’s my perfect man.  He is sweet, thoughtful, kind, funny, playful, generous almost to a fault, and romantic.  He’s a karate black belt, and although he would never instigate a fight, he sure doesn’t run away from one.  And he will stand up for anything or anyone he believes in, most especially the woman he loves even if that includes risking his own life.
Does Darryl believe in love?
Darrell most definitely believes in love, although he had the misfortune to fall in love with the wrong woman who met a tragic and that shattered his faith and broke his heart.  But that painful experience proved helpful to him because it helped him clearly define the kind of woman did want and that he did need.  So much so, that when he finally ran into her, he recognized almost instantly that she was the woman that was destined for him.
What actor or actress resembles Darryl?
There is no actor or actress that resembles Darryl Bridges, because in the history of the world there has never been anyone with talents, qualities, and accomplishments equal to his.
 I will say that I modeled the magnitude of fame Darryl has from the career of Michael Jackson.  Darryl’s fame is like Michael Jackson’s fame at its height…on steroids.  Assume all the problems had not arisen for poor Michael Jackson, and that his career had continued on the trajectory it was on before all the allegations started.  Darryl has that type of fame.  He counts his fans in the billions and is known, admired, and is an “idol” to people in every country, all over the world.
What is the most enduring trait about Darryl? Or maddening?
Darrell’s most enduring trait is his unselfishness.  He puts the welfare, comfort, and safety of his family and friends above his own.  He is kind and considerate to his fans.  He risks his own life to save that of his woman.
What has been the biggest conflict in Darryl’s life?
The biggest conflict in Darryl’s life is caused by the same as the reason for his enormous fame and wealth.  He has practically no private life all.  He can’t go anywhere without being mobbed.  He has repeatedly been mobbed by fans to the point where he has been physically injured, even having snatches of his hair torn out by the roots.  He receives death threats from unbalanced people on a regular basis.  Millions of women around the world fantasize about being in love with him.  In fact, he says in the book that he’s had nine paternity suits filed against him, and seven of them were by women that he had never even met  (and the other two weren’t valid either).
When he finally does meet the woman he falls in love with even she is in danger from some of his jealous, unbalanced fans.
What is the one thing Darryl wants most in the world and what will he do to get it?
The thing Darrell wants most of the world is a woman to love who sincerely loves him as a person, a woman who loves him for what he is, as a human being, rather than for who he is as a celebrity.  Darryl knows that the woman in his life would have to have certain special qualities in order to deal with all the madness around him because of his fame, and also the lies and rumors perpetuated about him by the media.
What makes Darryl sexy?
Darrell is sexy because he is fine as hell: he’s tall, well-built, physically fit to the hilt.  But that’s just the outside sexiness.  The sexiness that drives women all over the world crazy comes more from his internal qualities: friendliness, humbleness, playfulness, a sense of humor, major respect for all women and the need to protect all women, a dazzling smile, and as his woman says in the book, “he makes love like he dances; like a human tornado.”
Describe Darryl in two sentences from your book.
“Darryl Bridges has talent by the carload, but those dynamite looks sure don’t hurt.  Tall, slender, nicely muscled, broad shoulders, black curly hair, and a face like a male angel.  And don’t forget those spellbinding coal black eyes.  Darryl Bridges is the most popular entertainer in the world, and he’s got my vote for also being the most handsome as well!”
Use the first three words that pop into your mind to describe Darryl.
Kind, loving, and sexy.
Is there anything that can get a smile out of your character no matter how sad or upset he is?
His woman, Angela, can always get him to smile and/or laugh no matter what.  That is one of the reasons he fell in love with her.
If Darryl had nearly unlimited wealth, what would he spend it on?
Darrell does have almost unlimited wealth.  He lives the lifestyle of a wealthy man with a large and beautiful home, a garage full of cars, a full staff of servants and aides, and so many financial holdings that it’s almost impossible for him to keep track of.
But Darryl sees that one of the reasons he was given his fame and fortune is to help those less fortunate.  He is the chairman of the celebrity run charity, “Homes USA,” and spends enormous amounts of his time and effort and his money in helping the homeless.  He is generous to everyone he runs into, even leaving $1,000 tip for a hotel doorman because he said, “there’s got to be a problem for a guy that old to still be working, especially as a doorman on his feet all day.  Whatever his deal is maybe that tip will help him out.”
He is exceedingly gentle and generous with everyone.  He buys his performance crew of thirty each a Range Rover as a thank you gift after their performance tour.  He gives his woman’s daughter a pair of two karat diamond earrings the first time he meets her.  A young doctor who just graduated from med school performed a relatively minor service for him and unknown to the doctor Darryl paid off his huge student loan from med school.
What is the thing that has frightened Darryl most? 
Darrell has always wanted a loving wife and children, and his biggest fear is that he will never find the woman that’s right for him, because of his fame.

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