Today on the blog, we have Cecelia “CeeCee” Banks as a Character Crush from Author Eliza David. Nice to see a heroine have her day 😉


What attracts you to your character, CeeCee and why is she your character crush?

My Character Crush is Cecelia ‘CeeCee’ Banks, the heroine of my Cougarette series. I love CeeCee because no matter what life (or love) throws at her, she perseveres with a smile and a little bit of grace!

Does CeeCee believe in love?

Love rules CeeCee’s spirit.  Her story begins with the end of love; she’s freshly divorced the day she meets Jay Weston, an artist eighteen years her junior. Despite their age difference, CeeCee opens up to love (with MANY obstacles endangering her path, nonetheless). It’s important that CeeCee believes in love as it carries her through the six-book series.

What actor or actress resembles CeeCee?

Nia Long was my muse before I even had CeeCee fully developed.  She was one of my pop culture idols growing up, having played so many relatable roles for young Black girls and women. Like CeeCee, she is gorgeous, witty, and a little on the short side. I’m turning The Cougarette into a screenplay in 2017 and there is no question that Nia would be my CeeCee!

If CeeCee was deserted on an island, what would she take with her?

Oreos, a magnum of Merlot, and Jay Weston.

Does CeeCee wish she were more like her best friend?

While CeeCee is more reserved & careful with her tone, her best friend Laney (who also has a spinoff) is a straight shooter. Laney is a White fortysomething lesbian hailing from Southern Illinois who has made her way up in Chicago’s public relations scene.  She loves three things: Latin women, Irish whiskey, and her neurotic Black BFF CeeCee.  I think that CeeCee wishes she had the courage to speak without filter like Laney but knows she needs her BFF to give her that tough talk.

What is the one thing CeeCee said she would never do, but did?

Fall in love (and lust!) with a younger man – yet she did, several times over.

Who would be your dream date?

Idris Elba – anytime, anywhere. Nothing else would be required for CeeCee.

Does CeeCee believe in second chances in life and love? If no, why?

CeeCee IS the definition of second chances.  After spending twenty years with her cheating ex-husband, CeeCee rediscovers love with Jay and finds out how tough the second time around can be. In her professional life, she finds herself going from a low-level PR executive to managing a problematic rap star to becoming a millionaire (but you have to read the series to find out how she made that happen!)

If someone asked your character what the most important rule to live by was, how would she answer?
Never give up on yourself or on love. Your best you is coming. Be patient.
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