To those who believe in second chances at love.

Chicago, IL.
Samara King
Copyright © 2016 by Samara King.

she called out, and the sound of his name vibrated around the apartment. Her
climax pushed her over the edge of sanity. She whimpered as Garrison continued
to pump inside of her; his thrusts became more languid and teasing as he
watched her.
are my heart, Ria.” He ground into her and then thrust once more before his
seed spilled deep into her walls, joining them together again.
* * * * *
next morning, Ria found herself smiling as she entered the shower. Two seconds
later, she felt Garrison slide in behind her. His arms pressed against her
stomach, bringing her against his erection.
“We’re going to be late for work if we keep this up.”
nibbled on her ear. “But I think I’ll be able to manipulate the boss into
giving us a pass.”
eyes fluttered closed as she rested her head against his shoulder. His hands
lathered soap over her breasts and nipples in slow circles. “You can?”
then, in that case…” She turned to face him, taking two seconds to look into
his eyes before brushing her lips against his. She forced him against the tile,
smiling at the surprise in his voice as his body made contact with the cool
took her time, letting her lips taste the salty essence of his brown skin on
the side of his neck, collarbone, pecs. She bent down, the spray of water
cascading over her, around her. She felt like she was underneath a waterfall.
gazed down at her. “What are you doing?”
smiled wickedly. “Pleasing you.” She opened her mouth; her tongue molded to the
tip of his dick and gently, slowly pulled on the sensitized head, methodically
reeling him in.
shuddered. “Mmm, you keep this up and we may not ever leave this shower.”
“Not a
bad idea.” She brought her hands to his hips, pulling him closer, taking him
fully into her mouth. She suckled, teased and squeezed his balls. Faster.
writhed, his hands fused into her hair. “Ahh, baby, I don’t know how long I can
she smiled, loving the control she had over him. The taste of his dick. Her
dick. Her man. She twirled her tongue and felt his resolve slip. His cock
swelled, and she knew he was close to coming.
yes.” Garrison thrusted his hips slowly against her lips and pulled back only
to have her push him closer. The move made him lose the battle, and he came.
drank him in, taking all of his essence until he was spent. He helped her up,
wrapping her in his arms.
“I love
you so much, baby.” Garrison looked down into her eyes and kissed her soundly.
words made her heart surge with hope. Maybe they could work out their differences.
Maybe they could beat his world and the odds and do this thing the right way.
Together. She wanted to try again, and when the time was right, she’d tell him
exactly that.
“I love
you too,” Ria answered.

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