To those who believe in second chances at love.

Chicago, IL.
Samara King
Copyright © 2016 by Samara King.

* * * * *
smell of spicy shrimp stir-fry and fragrant rice wafted through the air as Ria
opened the door to her apartment. Her mouth watered and as if to nod in
agreement, her stomach growled.
She placed her purse and laptop bag down on the couch. Something lurched in her
heart when she saw him appear. Though the sight of him in her kitchen was so
unfamiliar, it struck a chord deep within her.
This is what it should be like.
peeked his head out of the kitchen with her “Kiss the Cook” apron on. He
offered a small smile. “In here.”
followed the scent, fully expecting a mess, but what she saw made more than her
stomach hungry. Garrison was in full control of the kitchen: several pots and
pans were filled with sauteed vegetables, steamed rice, savory sauces and jumbo
shrimp. The food looked good, but the low-rise blue jeans and the way the denim
hung on his hips made her want to reach out and touch him, as did the white
T-shirt molded to his chest.
watched him move expertly behind the stove. “What’s all this?”
call it dinner.” Garrison chuckled. “Would you like some wine?”
couldn’t help but smile, her defenses melting quickly at the handsome man in
front of her. She’d been so ready for a fight; she hadn’t expected to encounter
an upgraded Chef Boyardee who would look good naked. They’d rarely had a night
like this before she’d left due to his hectic schedule. The change was nice,
though she knew it was temporary. “Yeah, that sounds good.” Anything to keep
her hands busy.
poured the wine slowly, noting that her hands shook. This is ridiculous. It’s just Garrison.
turned back to face him, finding strong shoulders tapering into a lean muscled
back, hard-as-rock abs and an ass she’d had her share of time grabbing as he
drove into her during lovemaking.
found herself edging closer to the stove; she angled her hip against the
counter and faced the man who made her kitchen seem smaller than it was. “You
didn’t have to do this.”
lifted a forkful of shrimp to her lips. “Taste this. You’ll be glad I did.”
smiled, liking the idea of him feeding her. She stepped closer, her gaze pinned
to his, and opened her mouth. She closed her eyes, instinctively, expecting to
taste the spicy shrimp. But instead she felt the hot tip of his tongue trace
its way around her lips slowly and then dip between them before she could
moaned. Screw the shrimp! She’d take
the taste of Garrison any day, any time. Right now, she couldn’t get enough.
One arm
snaked around his neck, pulling him closer. His arm wrapped her waist in a
tight embrace. He pulled away long enough to discard the fork and say, “I’m
sorry I couldn’t resist.”
glad you didn’t.”
continued to kiss her. “We really should eat.”
licked her lips, watching him. “We do need to talk.”
pulled her against him. “There’re so many ways to communicate.”
nodded, and their lips fused together again. She didn’t care about the food or
the argument from earlier. The only thing that would feed her now was his body.
picked her up, backing them up against the table. Her legs wrapped around his
waist as he bent slightly, his hand swiping everything off the table. The sound
of glass crashing against the floor didn’t slow him as he laid her down until
she was flat on her back.
look in his eyes spoke of possession. Pure and unadulterated.
His hands found the buttons to her jacket, tugged it open and quickly reached
to cup her breasts through her bra.
arched her back; her palms ran up the flat plane of his stomach and rib cage.
She couldn’t help but watch him in amazement as his muscles flexed when he
removed his shirt. Her jacket and bra quickly followed.
lips found the pointy tips of her nipples, teased them with his tongue and then
sucked harder. Her pussy throbbed as she locked her legs against him.
hands pressed against every curve until his fingers inched her panties away and
molded against her soft curls. “I’ve missed this.”
Ria met
his heated gaze. “Me too.”
want to see how much?”
stepped back and unzipped his jeans, letting them drop to the floor. The sight
of his naked body wasn’t anything new, but Ria swore each time she saw him
fully nude, it was like the first time. Breathtakingly male and virile. His
dick stood fully erect and wonderfully thick.
Her heart clenched. He was hers. Hadn’t he always been? She swallowed back the
tears and reached out to feel his dick in her hands. The pulse she felt matched
the steady strumming between her legs.
licked his lips. “What do you want?”
Ria looked
deep into his eyes. “Fuck me. Make me forget everything but you and right now.”
gripped her legs, pulling her to the edge of the table, wrapping them around
his waist. He didn’t wait; he placed his hands under her hips and plunged deep
within her pussy.
she shouted. Her tight muscles shifted against his dick with every thrust. She
felt like the air had just been knocked out of her lungs. The pain was sweet
and intense as Garrison pounded into her. She arched her hips, her fingers
grazing his back as she whimpered against his lips.
right, my pussy,” he whispered into her ear. He ground his hips against her,
retreating and entering her with a fierce pace that made her scream twice.
Oh God! Yes.” Ria shuddered, feeling the hard edge of her climax tumbling
closer and closer. She closed her eyes, wanting to remember this moment long
past this day. Her heart melded with his. Her body clenched against his, taking
everything he had to give and more.
yes! That’s it, baby.” Garrison angled her hips so that they were off the table.
He stood straight; his hands pinned her hips into position as he fucked her
long and hard. The thrust stole her breath away.

was nothing forgiving about them fucking this way. This was about taking what
belonged to the other. And with all Ria had, she gave all she had to him,
holding nothing back. He had her heart; he always had.

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