To those who believe in second chances at love.

Chicago, IL.
Samara King
Copyright © 2016 by Samara King.

Chapter Four
How Ria
managed to walk out of the cafeteria with her head up was beyond her. The whole
staff had heard the martial squabble between her and Garrison. Some had looked
at her like she was crazy. One had even pulled her aside to ask what she was
thinking; after all, this was Garrison Fox.
Damn dreamy minded females!
tore open the Snickers bar that she’d finally managed to wrestle the machine
for. She was going to need a lot more chocolate to deal with the events
unfolding before her very eyes.
didn’t know whether to be more surprised at the fact that Garrison had turned
in his credit cards and cash or the fact she was going to have to spend the
next several days with him. Her home. Her domain. She planned on having a
serious talk with her landlord. Traitor!
long are you going to sit there and avoid going home?”
looked up into Car’s knowing eyes and groaned. “This is so surreal. Just like
everything having to do with Garrison. I mean, why can’t he see just how
overbearing, dominating and chaotic this is?”
have to give the man credit. He’s managed to keep the press and his family off
his trail, and he’s disconnected himself from all the nuances of his daily
world for you. Some women would love that.”
not some women.”
giggled. “The way you’re attacking that candy bar, I would tend to agree with
you right now. But here’s something to consider: how would you feel if things
were reversed?”
do you mean?”
would you do if Garrison was the one talking of divorce and wanting to be rid
of you?”
panic that dipped in her stomach slapped her face with cold reality. Ria looked
down at her fingers, licking the chocolate off of them. “I don’t know how I’d
“Oh, I
think you do. I just think since that’s not the case, it makes it easier to
avoid facing other possibilities.”
shook her head. “God, I hate when you turn into Doctor Phil.”
know I’m right.”
think I hate that more.”
just how long are you going to avoid the real issue, girlfriend? I mean, this
is your man and he’s come for you,
spitting fire and brimstone until he gets you. I’d say it’s high time you
either let go, and put an end to magical moments like this afternoon in the
cafeteria—” Carlyn chuckled, then straightened her face at Ria’s scowl.
stood. “You’re right. It’s time Garrison and I had a talk. A serious talk about
things. I’m going home.”
* * * * *
you telling me that Garrison has fled his responsibilities to go after
that—that commoner?”
Fox rolled his eyes before turning to face his mother. Dressed to the nines in
her Donna Karan suit, pearls and perfectly coiffed hair, Marlene Fox was a
force to be reckoned with in her early sixties.
“Do not
get involved, Mother. Garrison knows what he’s doing, and he will not tolerate
interference from you.”
Mercy, this would be more like an intervention. I mean, before he threw caution
to the wind, he should have had that woman investigated.”
swallowed his coffee, then said, “You mean, like you did?”
tilted her head upward. “I will not feel badly for protecting my son’s interests.
Hell, all of our interests. Am I the only one who sees the potential for
disaster? This woman comes from nothing.”
“As did
this family before good fortune came our way. You seem to forget that, Mother.”
talk to me about our family history as if I’m not knowledgeable, Darius. My
father was a hardworking man and because of his labor, we all benefit today.
This Ria Phillips is not one of us.”
shook his head. “The fact that she married Garrison says she is.”
that can be remedied with a quick divorce.”
has it ever dawned on you that Garrison is in love with Ria? I mean, if you
ever gave her half a chance, you would see that his face lights up whenever
he’s close to his wife. And like it or not, the moment my brother married her,
it was a done deal.” Darius finished his coffee and rounded the table. He shot
his mother a warning glance. “Do not in any way interfere with Garrison’s marriage,
or you’ll regret it.” He bent down to kiss her cheek. “I’ll see you later.”
smiled. “Have a good day, darling.” She watched her youngest son leave, and her
mind whirled. She would derail this train before it took her son and their name
through the gutter. But how?
face lit up. She pulled her cell phone out her Louis Vuitton purse, dialed, and
wants to know?” the other woman asked.
grinned into the receiver. “Let’s just say someone who can make it worth your

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