Character Crush – Because Authors have crushes too!

Today we have the pleasure of spotlighting Author Christine Paul’s luscious hero, Samuel George from her latest work, Belinda’s Song!  


Describe Samuel George in two sentences from your book.

His trimmed mustache was connected to a close cut to the face beard. He was one handsome man, and the women loved to see him coming.

What is Samuel’s favorite hangout?
For this beautiful, hard-working man, it would be Marge’s Diner. He works the night shift as a security guard, and every morning before he goes home, he stops for a big breakfast. After the waitress, Tammy, who has the hots for him, gets her flirt on, she brings him his coffee. She already knows what he wants to eat, because his order is the same every morning. Scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, sausage, potatoes, a side of toast with butter and grape jelly. After his stomach is full, he walks the distance to his apartment on Joliet, ready for a good day’s sleep.

How did you create Samuel?
With the traumatic events that my main character, Belinda Morris goes through in this story, one thing I wanted to show was how the past affected her as a young woman. Samuel George was created to be her savior, so to speak. He gave her what she lacked and covered her in love and protection. I didn’t want him to be one of those men who didn’t care or treated a woman badly. All men are not like that as you know.

What does Samuel stand for?
Samuel stands for all that is right. He stands for strength, perseverance, and respect for women. He stands for love.

Who is Samuel’s confidant?
Monty, the bartender at Ray’s. Older and wiser, he listens and doesn’t judge but when he has an opinion for his friend, he voices it. Sam values his advice and knows what he tells him will not go any farther.

Describe your ideal creative breakfast.

For me, it’s coffee with cream and sugar. I don’t want food right away. The coffee gives me focus and energy. I eat later once I’ve put out a bunch of words on my blank canvas.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Retired, but working a little part-time and still writing. I see myself having more of a fan base, status, and recognition for my work.  Hopefully, travel more and just enjoy my life.

About the Book

Belinda lived a troubled life. A mother who sold her body and used heroin was murdered at the youthful age of twenty-seven, leaving her six-year-old daughter a ward of the state of Louisiana. Being tossed to and fro from one foster home to the next, Belinda is placed with John and Victoria Brittingham. These people are who any child would be overjoyed to live with and have as parents. A beautiful home, a room of their own, new clothes and toys would be a dream come true. But what lies behind the walls of this house is hardly what little Belinda dreamed of, and she will find out in the worse way, the secrets it harbors.
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About the Author

Christine Pauls, a Delawarean, born and raised in the city of Wilmington is an independent author. Her first novel, To Begin Again, based on her own life, was published in April of 2012. Her second, a novella, titled Belinda’s Song, a heart-wrenching tale of a six-year-old child’s life events, into adulthood, after her mother’s murder, was released in August of 2015. At this time, she has completed the first draft of her third novel, One Good Thing, a novel, which will focus on the emotional rollercoaster of two families who will become intertwined in a web of secrets that will have to come to the surface in order for a healing to take place.  She will be publishing this novel in 2017.

Christine has been in the field of Finance over thirty years, currently an Accountant in the Banking industry. She is the youngest of twelve siblings, mother of two daughters, and has three grandchildren. You can find her books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and E-Book devices. They are also in two branch locations of her hometown’s public library, and Mejah Bookstore in Claymont, DE.


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