#FREE Read (Cont) In The Public Eye by @SamaraKing #Smexy #Romance

Today brings you the fifth installment of my FREE read, In the Public Eye. Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be sharing even more pages from this very sexy read!

Ria Phillips Fox married the Chicago’s Richest Bachelor, Garrison Fox believing that he was the man of her dreams. Soon she resents feeling like nothing more than arm candy.

Garrison Fox isn’t a man who deals well with being left in his bed alone and he has no intention of staying in the predicament Ria’s left him in. Even if it means playing dirty. After all, there’s more way than to catch a fox.

In The Public Eye

A Crave Short Read


To those who believe in second chances at love.

Chicago, IL.
Samara King
Copyright © 2016 by Samara King.

Chapter Two (continued)
Garrison gritted his teeth. He’d considered many possibilities when he’d walked into his wife’s office moments ago. Nothing could stop the hot image of spreading her limbs over her desk and making her remember just whom the hell she belonged to. That was his prime choice, as the erection pressing against the fly of his suit pants reminded him; however, his wife’s belly laugh erupting through the air wasn’t on his list.
He wasn’t a man who was laughed at. Nor did many dare to take his words less than seriously. Yet here Ria Phillips was, holding her stomach over his statement. Though he loved her smile, everything within him yearned to punish her with a hot kiss and wipe every trace of that laughter away until she moaned his name.
“What’s so funny?’
Ria chuckled, trying to straighten her face, and on the third try she actually succeeded. “You cannot be serious. I mean, whatever would you do without the chauffeur, the credit cards, the mindless zombies hanging off of your every word?” She rolled her eyes. “Especially Cynthia.”
Garrison sighed at the mention of his overzealous assistant. Luckily, she’d taken a week off, and he wouldn’t have to deal with her need to please him. “Cynthia is on vacation. This has nothing to do with her.” He stalked to a neighboring chair, facing Ria. “This has to do with you being afraid.”
“Afraid of what?”
“Afraid that you may give in.”
Ria tisked and looked away. “There goes that ego again.”
“You protest too much, especially when we both know that you’ve never been able to resist me.” Garrison was a master of keeping his emotions in check; however, Ria was equally skilled at testing him. He laced his fingers together and stared at her openly until her laughter died down.
“Things have changed, Garrison. I’m not the same woman I was when I first met you, and you need to accept that.”
“I’ll accept it the moment you can tell me to my face that you don’t love me.”
Ria opened her mouth and jerked around. “I don’t have time for games.”
“Good. I have no intention of playing them.”
The intensity between them edged with sexual awareness. He watched her for a few moments, letting his eyes do the talking as his gaze roamed over her pretty face. Her skin made him think of melted chocolate; she had full lips made to be sucked on and inquisitive round eyes. He wanted her like no other woman, and he wouldn’t stop until he had her.
“Have you ever known me not to go after what I want?”
Ria was still and finally shook her head. “Why would you do something like this?”
“Because you’re mine.” Garrison tilted his head, and his gaze fused with hers. “You just need to be reminded of that fact.”
Ria frowned. “And what if what you want defies all that is Garrison Fox?”
He grinned. “Then it’s time to build a new Garrison Fox.”
She pursed her lips. He could tell she was intrigued by his proposal. What woman wouldn’t want to have the man she loved—even if Ria was having trouble seeing that at the moment—pursue her to the hilt?
“Don’t you have other things to worry about besides proving something to me?”
He chuckled. “I can’t win with you.”
“Well, first of all, you adamantly explained to me that you would not be proving a damn thing to me or my family—which I agree with one hundred percent. But then when I tell you I’ll be doing the proving, you toss my words back in my face.”
“Don’t try to turn this back on me. I didn’t ask for you to come here, nor did I ask you to prove a damn thing to me.”

Garrison stood, straightened his tie and then tossed her a weary look. “It’s not about what you asked for.” He started to walk out of the room, throwing his parting words over his shoulder. “It’s about what you’re going to get.”

 Tune in next week, there will be more to come! ~ Samara 

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