Author @Starla_Kaye talks about White Knight Syndrome #Romance

White Knight Syndrome: 

A personality characteristic found in most males that lead them to:
·         Rush to the aid of any female they see who appears in any form of distress.
·         Become attracted to said damsel in distress.
·         Follow the dying code of chivalry and generally act like a nice guy.
Okay, that all sounds wonderful. But most women today don’t like to think of themselves as a “damsel in distress” or as unable to take care of themselves. It’s that whole “I am WOMAN, hear me roar” thing. Or that I can have children, maintain a house, work and “bring home the bacon and cook it, too” issue.
Personally, I will admit that I like a man being polite and helpful. He can open my door, help me into a chair, or let me enter somewhere first. Of course, I often hold open a door or open it for anyone around me, including a man. And I don’t see myself as a damsel in distress.
In So Not a White Knight, Essie is a successful, highly skilled woman. She doesn’t need a white knight. But she wants more out of life than simply a job at which she is good. Eventually she wants to settle down with a suitable man…after she has at least one night with a “sexy beast.” She wants a man who will give her something hot to remember the rest of her life.
No one would accuse Trevon of being someone’s white knight. Especially not the woman he once failed in a relationship. He’d gotten too involved building his business to see the full value in what he had with Essie. He’d let her down, let her walk out of his life. She’s not a damsel in distress now, but she has a need that, if given a chance, maybe he can satisfy.

So Not a White Knight
It’s past time for Essie to break out of the box, to rebel, to live the life she wants and not what everyone else wants for her. Working as a chemical engineer for her family’s oil company isn’t what anyone would call exciting. It pays the bills. But she wants more, in every part of her life. She’s dated men mainly interested in her family. Decent men. Boring men. Except for one man several years back, until he became more infatuated with his business than with her. She left him, and he barely seemed to notice. She’s come to the conclusion she needs a makeover, something to make a man take enough notice of her that all else will pale in comparison. No more blending in, being the wallflower of the world. She’s certain an inner wild woman lies buried within her, and she’s ready to set it free. Next step, have at least one “hot” night with a “sexy beast.”
Bring him on, Madame Evangeline.
It took a while for the truth to slap him in the face, but Trevon sees now that he was an idiot. He got lost in building his Houston architectural firm into one of the most respected firms in the country. He’s played all of the social games, belonged to the right clubs, knows the important people, lived and breathed reaching his goal. But he failed to see the true worth of the woman he allowed to walk away. Essie deserved more than what he gave her. In a unique twist of fate with a matchmaking service, he gets a second chance to prove his worth to her. He damn sure better not screw this up.
Excerpt: So Not a White Knight
“Ready?” The question came out in a deep, breathy growl. “Because I’m going to fuck you now.”
He had never spoken to her that way before. His crudity both surprised and pleased her, as did the promise in his gaze, the heat sparking between them. Suddenly, she wanted this to be different than any other time, when everything had been so…well, so basic and boring. The times when she lay on her back and he’d been on top of her. Not awful, just…ho-hum. She didn’t want to be the same sexual wallflower. It was time those lessons in assertion paid off.
“Page ninety-five,” she commanded. Her mind seeing a sexual position from the last manual she had read.
“What?” he asked in strained confusion.
As he started to guide his thick rod to her lower lips, she called out, “Wait!”
He froze, frowning, breathing hard. “Changed your mind? Please, no.”
She shook her head. “Well, sort of.” She jutted her chin out. “From behind,” she proposed. “Doggy style.”
One thick eyebrow lifted in curiosity. “Are you sure?” Waiting looked hard for him, his face red, his chest muscles taut.
“Definitely.” Maybe she would hate it, but she wanted to try it.
Trevon gave a curt nod then moved back.
Yes! Essie scrambled around until she knelt on all fours in front of him, just like in the book. Kneeling here with her bare ass facing him seemed so naughty. “Is this right?” she asked, pretty confident.
“Let’s change it a bit.” He moved behind her, nudged her legs apart, and gently pushed her head to the mattress. “You’ll like this better. Trust me.”
“Page ninety-seven,” she muttered, remembering this position, too. It should make the woman feel more sensations. She was all for that.
“What is with the page thing?” He gripped her hips with his strong hands.
Her face heated. “Um, a book I looked at,” she admitted in a whisper.
“Ah, about sexual positions,” he said, with a hint of tense amusement. He pulled her butt cheeks apart and put the head of his cock to her anus. “If you want to try them all, I’m game. Did you bring the book?”
About Starla Kaye

Starla has published 86 romance titles, including contemporary, historical Western, Regency, Medieval, paranormal, sci-fi, and GLBT. Her stories always lean toward the sensual side of romance, some even erotic. Whatever happens within her stories, the characters face difficulties between the outside world and each other. They always manage to find love and respect for one another.

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