“I’m in the mood for romance simply because you’re near…”
Cue in the ear-piercing scratch of an old vinyl record.
“…or not!”
To write…or not to write about love, romance.
That… is the question.
Ok, so you know you have to write. Perhaps you write by a word count, or you have a looming deadline, but the last thing you want to do is write about love, romance or create love scenes. You’d rather clean the dust bunnies under your living room couch. I for one have always tried to be a “push-through” type of writer, but I’m going to be real honest—there are just some times my life says, “not happening.”

I think everyone has been there. Whether it’s the latest breakup with a boyfriend, an argument with the husband or hiatus from love altogether or you’re just a devout bachelorette/bachelor.
So how then do you write about the mystical world of romance or knock out a steamy love scene when you would rather use someone’s photo (who shall remain nameless) for dart practice? (err…did I say that out loud?)

Here are three ways to drop kick the present war of the sexes to get your writing done:

1.  Lie. That’s right, I said it – lie to yourself.  Whether it’s sliding into your heroine’s shoes or pretending to be someone else for an hour.  Beyonce has Sasha. I tend to think I’d be a mix of Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Kim Possible (didn’t I tell you I have a wild imagination?)  I call her E.C. Ebony Concrete.  There is nothing wrong with sweeping your issues under the rug for thirty minutes. Smaller chunks of writing (more on this at #3) actually are an invigorating way to keep your creative mind percolating.

2. Meditate. This is a practice that I incorporate into my daily life. We live in a world where we perform constant balancing acts that can quickly become unbalanced.  Apps such as Remember The Milk,  for those who desire a better way to balance all your to-dos or, Todoist, which I definitely remind and use.  Currently, I work via Google calendar, Todoist, Evernote (when researching) and Pomodoro timer. The need for quiet time is often undervalued, not to mention the reported health benefits derived from the act of mediation, such as stress reduction. In as little as ten minutes, you could give it a try and see if your headspace becomes clearer.

3.   Ready, Set – GO! Timed Writing. I usually do 90-minute blocks of writing, but I have to tell you, writing in 15-minute increments allows me to work on several projects at once, as well as to balance other non-writing elements into my day. Buy a kitchen timer, or if you love apps, the Google and iTunes stores have tons of time management apps. You’ll be amazed at how the word count adds up in such a small amount of time.
What ways do you combat life’s interruptions in your writing practices?
Until next time,


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