Today’s #Feature Post: Character Crush with author, Ann Raina #ContemporaryRomance

What attracts you to your character and why is he or she your character crush?
My featured character is Ethan Mahoney from my book series Jazmin & Ethan, starting with The Secretary’s Bodyguard.
For a long time I’ve written books with changing characters. When I started the series I had a couple in mind who has been together for a longer time—married and happy. I got attracted to the straight-forward, very attractive Ethan Mahoney because of his unconditional love. He’d do anything for his wife (and he has).
Use the first three words that pop into your mind to describe your character.
Honest, reliable, caring.
Someone tries to rob your character on the street. What does he do? What is he carrying that the robbers might want? Is it a random incident or was he targeted?
Ethan’s a trained bodyguard. He’ll fight and beat the hell out of any robber, even if he’s armed. He doesn’t carry things worth a fortune, so the target might either be the person he’s assigned to protect or his wife. In both cases, he wouldn’t hesitate to defend them with all he has.
Is there anything that can get a smile out of your character no matter how sad or upset he is?
His wife, Jazmin, will always be the one able to cheer him up (or calm him down), no matter how bad the situation is. She’s the one knowing him best. And, of course, his best friend, Ryan, has a way of joking that doesn’t leave Ethan gloomy.
What song is “your character’s song?” Why?
I did it all by One Republic. It’s a powerful song and simply fits.
Who is your character’s confidant?
Ryan Griffith, his colleague, best friend, best man on his wedding. He’s six years younger than Ethan, but they understand each other perfectly and would go long ways to help the other out.
Describe your creative process.
Mostly while writing on one project, another idea comes to my mind. I take down notes, think about how the scene might turn to a whole plot, and then talk to my muse. She’s the one juggling with the idea and coming up with more ideas (or she tells me the start of the story is plain wrong and illogical. That has happened, too.). From that point of understanding (with me taking down notes) we develop a whole plot and do researches until the parts of the story fit. Then I start writing. Which looks like the easiest part in the end.

Their first vacation to the Bahamas takes the Mahoneys on a boat trip that ends up in a confrontation with pirates out for ransom and illegal dealers trying to get their share. They all shoot to kill, leaving the couple to fight for their lives.

Link to latest book:
Copyright © 2015 Ann Raina
ISBN: 978-1-4874-ARC

Cover art by Carmen Waters

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