Feature Post: LaShawn Vasser visits #CharactersBehavingBadly @MsLaShawnVasser

Please welcome LaShawn Vasser to Characters Behaving Badly!

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What attracts you to your character and why is he or she your character crush?
Hmmm…great question and so hard to choose!  I would say my favorite character crush would be Dr. Cameron Jacobs from my book CREE.

Does your character believe in love?
He most certainly believes in love. 

What is your character’s life mantra?
I would say Cameron Jacob’s life mantra would be Whatever It Takes!  He goes hard for everything he loves but nothing more than keeping his wife, Cree Jacobs happy. 

What actor or actress resembles your character?
My muse for Cameron Jacobs was the very SEXY and HOT Kellan Luntz   

What is the most enduring trait about your character? Or maddening?
The most endearing trait about Cameron’s character is his single mindedness but it is also the most maddening.  When he’s focused about his career or his woman nothing else matters

If your character could be anywhere in the world, where would they go?
Great question.  If Cameron could be anywhere in the world it would be wherever Cree Jacobs was at.  If she moved to a remote island in a lost land…that’s where he’d be – LOL.

What has been the biggest conflict in your character’s life?
The biggest conflict in Cameron’s life was realizing that the love of his life – CREE – required attention and nourishing.  It took a catastrophic event for him to realize that it wasn’t a given that she would always be there. 

What makes your character sexy?
His confidence.  Confidence is sexy.  There is no doubt in his mind that he would achieve his any and all of his goals.

Would your character lick Jell-O shots off someone’s body?
Most definitely.

LaShawn Vasser
Author of Romantic Fiction
Twitter: @MsLaShawnVasser

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