Today’s Feature – Crazy Questions with Guy Ogan #CharactersBehavingBadly

It’s my birthday so I’m supposed to be allowed
some flights of fancy, so sit back, relax, and embrace the crazy comments from
someone who has seen more than seven decades fly by…me…G.D. Ogan, author of the
three book “Immortal Relations” series available on Amazon and Kindle (digitally
only $.99 each)!

​1. Who would win in a war between cats and bears?
Well, if we are talking about the small domesticated cats (Kitties) then
there is no contest; however, if we are talking about African Lions and Asian
Tigers then it might be a toss-up. Even then, it depends on which type of
bear: Full Grown Black Bear vs. Adult Lion or Tiger? The big cat wins!
A Brown or Kodiak vs. Lion or Tiger would be a toss-up. If a Polar Bear vs. any
big cat, the Polar Bear has an easy win IMHO.

2. If people’s names were diseases, would you rather be diagnosed with
Benedict Cumberbatch or Engelbert Humperdinck?
This is a tough call!
Cumberbatch is a rather young actor with a number of stunning lady friends he’s
escorted onto the Red Carpet.  Humperdink
on the other hand is closer to my age (but still younger than I, but there are
trees and rocks younger than I). Humperdink, as a singer of love songs has
done duets with just about everyone and was good friends with Elvis
Presley (now you’re talking nearer my age, in fact Elvis was about 10
years older than I). Anyone who was friends with Elvis has to get my vote, so
I’m down with a case of Humperdinck (crazy name and all)!
3. If you could have
any fantasy creature for a pet, what would it be and why?
Well duh, I write about
vampires…so, if you want to call vampires “fantasy creatures” and
were it possible to have one or more as pets, then I’d definitely be down with
that! If you read any one (or hopefully more) of my “Immortal
Relations” series, you will quickly understand…I love GOOD vampires.
Mine protect innocent humans from evil (be it the blood-crazed type of vampire,
human criminals or evil politicians [who among the current crop of politicians
are not evil, self-serving, would be tyrants?]).

4. Do you believe there are aliens among us?  

If we are speaking of
the kind from Outer-Space/Another-Dimension/or Time-Travelers, then I’d ask,
why would they want to be anywhere near us?!  Any of these would probably have to be
from an advanced civilization – so if they are “civilized” why would
they stick-around a bunch of totally weird, very unpredictable, and all
too often, uncivilized humans?
5. Let us just say that there are aliens among us, give us a romance
title about them?
“A Star-Goddess
Falls for an Earthman” Having the curse of testosterone myself, I can
attest to its ability to cloud (if not totally destroy) intellect, so the title
might as well be slightly modified and applied to human females as well.
“A Smart Lady has an Irrational Moment”.  If reincarnation can
occur then maybe I’ll have a chance at the distaff side of things; however,
most women are far smarter than men (aside from irrational moments when they
throw caution to the wind and hook-up with us)!
6. Speaking of those
who must be aliens, how would you help Justin Bieber off the planet?
Now that he has grown
(or morphed) into a 20’s something…he is evidently getting some up-close
& personal time with some very beautiful young ladies. Perhaps that is
why he came down from Canada (or whatever star-system he is really from). When
will he leave? I guess we would have to ask “Agent J” from the M.I.B.
(Men in Black) Agency when Bieber’s Visa will expire!
7. If you were a superheroine or superhero, what would your special power
Well duh
write vampire stories?
IMMORTALITY…of course! I’m not talking about just living forever…it would
require invulnerability to insure my immortality (similar to, if not being
in-fact a vampire). Armed with that, I would be doing exactly what my character
Gary Logan does once changed, in my “Immortal Relations” series.
Surely you can see his name and mine are very close…he is, in fact, ME.
The stories in the novels are what I would do given the opportunity…I’d
be hunting down evil! 

The third in the
series continues to rock the foundation upon which typical vampire novels are
based – stories where vampires safeguard humans are rare indeed. These vampires
do their best to save humans and animals from evil vampires & evil humans.

Ogan’s insights into
the powers of the immortal vampires, along with fresh takes on the complex
inner workings of their existence provide an intriguing experience for readers.
In book three a novice shape-shifter wolf meets a beautiful hybrid
vampire. The good vampires set up a new coven in Southern Canada to monitor the
regime intent on turning America into a dictatorship. That regime, believing
the new group in Canada was at least partly responsible for the defeat of China’s
effort to steal oil, gold and mineral reserves from Russia retaliates with
violence and the vampires do all they can to safeguard Canadian citizens.

An “Immortal Relations” reader said: “Being a bit of a vampire-phile,
I find myself constantly searching for the next vampire series to reach out and
grab, or, more appropriately, bit me. I believe I have found my holy grail of
vampire novels…”

Each of the novels in the “Immortal Relations” series
will “stand alone,” however, I do recommend reading the second in the
series, “
Immortal Relations, Love
and War
” before reading
this third in the series “Immortal Relations Coming Out.” The second book
has a short review of the major points of the first book as well as
all the action of the second book which should make the third book more
enjoyable. I often recommend the second book as a starting point for
those for whom the “explicit togetherness” in book #1
Immortal Relations” is considered “over-the-top-sex”
since it has been moved to their Erotic/Erotica Section by one brick and mortar
store that sells it.
I hope readers will
take a chance and look up the three novels to determine if they might what to
read one or more of them:
Book #1 Immortal
Relations is at
Book #2 Immortal
Relations, Love and War is at
Book #3 Immortal
Relations Coming Out is at  

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  1. Vamp Writer says:

    Thanks for allowing me to be on the blog today…hope my answers to the questions were entertaining if not totally rational (Lions and Bears and Vampires…Oh My)!


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