The Curse of @TaraNina ~ An Internal Interview #Romance #CharactersBehavingBadly

The Curse of
Tara Nina

An Internal
is Tara Nina?
heard of her?
let me tell you what I know about this author. She grew up in South Carolina,
moved to Virginia Beach and met a Navy man, while at a beach party. She
couldn’t open her Matilda Bay wine cooler, asked him for help and the next
thing she knew, they were married and living in New Jersey. One night after
they attended a ‘Northern’ wedding (if you’ve never been to one of those,
there’s a whole lotta drinking going on at them), he whispered, slightly
incoherently, “You don’t need that diaphragm” and thus began the road to
parenthood. Which she did twice, and come to think of it, alcohol was involved
both times.
has multiple personalities: mother, wife, maid, cook, housekeeper, MRI tech,
and struggling author.  If it were her
choice, she’d write full time, but the bill collectors control her destiny
right now. One day, she prays it will all fall into place and the readers will
love her novels as they do the greats like, Nora Roberts, Heather Graham or
Sherrilyn Kenyon. Either that are she hits the lottery, whichever comes first.
If she hits, she’ll become a full time author, travel the world, buy each of
her kids a house, and share with her friends. Big dreams for a girl born on an
Air Force base in Georgia.
makes her sad?
are days when she doesn’t get the opportunity to touch her computer. That nasty
day job gets in the way. Twelve+ hour days can make a body tired and shuts down
the imagination. But on those occasions when she gets to put her butt in the
chair and her fingers on the keyboards, her mind is set free and allowed to
does it wander you ask?
She loves writing the Cursed MacKinnon’s series. The men of Clan MacKinnon were
cursed in 1740, turning them into stone statues, frozen in time.  The women of their destinies are setting them
free in today’s world. Think ancient hunks in kilts dealing with modern
technology and strong willed woman. These are written with an ounce of humor
and a heavy dose of sexual sizzle. So far, there are six books in this series
with more to come.
imagination is a terrible thing to waste and she tries hard not to under-use
it. When not dreaming of hot, Scottish men in kilts, and writing their tales,
she tends to venture along the trail of any genre that rolls to the forefront
of her mind and off her fingertips. Paranormals, suspense and sci-fi are her
the anthology novel, Alien, she contributed Escape. It’s the first book in a
new series. Think Ancient Aliens, space travel, and a group of warriors called
the Paoni. She is hopeful readers will enjoy this new outlook on the Ancient
Aliens theory. Did I forget to tell you, she likes to sit outside, watching the
stars and absolutely loves it when there’s a full moon. Best night ever
includes a glass of red wine, while lying back watching the heavens. Or sitting
by the burn barrel with a fire going and a glass of wine in hand. Hmm. Seems
the common denominator here is wine. Red is preferred.
author’s life is never dull as long as the muse is flowing. Every now and
again, writer’s block happens and causes a gnawing ache in her stomach. Luckily
for her, its rare, but it does happen. She truly loves hearing from readers.
It’s uplifting and encouraging knowing someone read and enjoyed something she’s
written. So support your favorite author (no matter who it is), encourage them,
leave reviews about their books, because without the reader’s love, those hero
and heroines become sad and die off.
a brighter note, Tara Nina is thankful for all the readers, who have ever
bought one of her titles. Without you, there would be no reason to write.
EXCEPT, it keeps her sane. Might have to keep on writing even if it doesn’t
become a published novel just to keep the voices inside her head happy. In her
opinion, there’s a thin line between an author and insanity. An author listens
to the voices inside their heads and shares their stories with the world
through written word. When one leans toward insanity, the voices guide their
actions, be it right, wrong or indifferent. Hmm. Authors Rule!
here are a few tidbits of info on Tara Nina. She loves winery and brewery
tours, good food, animals (she has 4 dogs, 6 turtles and a tank full of fish),
reading a good novel, and spending time with her family and friends (which
there never is enough of that). Oh, and she can’t cook but likes to bake.
can find her at the following locations:
by, say hello and take the journey with her.
the Creativity Muse be forever with You.

Cursed and Crazy
Tara Nina

Cursed MacKinnon’s Series, Book 6.
Crazy Maisie MacDougall has a ghost for a
best friend and a statue to protect, until she speaks an ancient verse
releasing a kilted hunk.
Aiden MacKinnon wakes to a new world and a
woman, who claims he’s been cursed for over two hundred years. At first he uses
sex to loosen her tongue and force the truth from her, but the tactic fails.
She stands firm on her claims. She isn’t a witch or his enemy. He was cursed.
With an adversary hot on their trail, they
backpack across Scotland, headed for the Highlands and hope to find Castle
MacKinnon and any distant member of his clan. A deep friendship and attraction
grows into a passionate sexual relationship. Their journey is threatened by a
misguided treasurer hunter with a mission, find what Maisie protected and take
Aiden and Maisie learn that a little bit
of crazy mixed with a whole lotta love can beat the curse.
A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s
Wish Upon a Christmas Star
Tara Nina

When her husband
goes missing, Violet tries her best to keep the faith. But the bed is way too
big and cold without her man. He’s given twenty years to the Corps. Now it’s
time for them to concentrate on building a life and a family in their dream
cabin. Sitting on their wraparound porch, she spots a shooting star and makes a
There’s no snow
deep enough to keep this determined Marine from the arms of the woman he left
Reader Advisory:
This story has graphic sexual language and scenes
closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult contemporary romance from
Ellora’s Cave

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