Interview with the Romance Industry’s @CelticChick, Kelley Heckart #CharactersBehavingBadly

Hi Samara, Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog.
1. Tell us about your
latest book.
The Wolf Queen is a new twist on Beauty and the Beast and
the Greek myth of Lycaon the werewolf. It’s a Bronze Age fantasy romance set in
the wild forests of the goddess Artemis. My hero is kind of an anti-hero
because of his curse. People hate him because of what they think he did to
deserve such a terrible fate.
2. Why do you prefer
to write stories set in the past?
I feel a connection to ancient time periods. Not sure why.
Maybe it stems from a past life. I also feel that supernatural creatures and
magic belongs in a time before technology, when people lived as one with nature
and shadowed places were really dark beyond the fire and candlelight, where
anything could be lurking. I’m working on my first contemporary
fantasy/paranormal and wondering if technology interferes with magic. Not sure
how I’m going to handle that yet.
3. What is your
favorite word?
I have a couple of favorite words right now: Eldritch and
4. What do all your
heroes have in common?
All of my heroes have long hair. I love long hair on guys.
This might be because of the 1980s when male rockers had glorious manes.
5. What do all your
heroines have in common?
My heroines are independent. They are feminine but they can
take care of themselves and don’t need a man to save them. They love a man
because they want companionship, not because they need him. I never liked
stories about helpless princesses so you won’t that in my stories.
6. Share a favorite
quote from The Wolf Queen.
Here is a quote from my hero: “Gods, woman. You are the most
stubborn female I have ever met.”
Here is a quote from my heroine: “I never said I was a
slave, and if I think you are in imminent danger, I will alert you.”
7. Which vacation
place do you like better? Ski resort or beach paradise?
The beach. I hate being cold. Give me warm sun, blue skies,
and sandy beaches and I’m happy.
The Wolf Queen:
A new twist on Beauty and the Beast and the Greek myth of
Lycaon the werewolf. A Bronze Age fantasy, adventure, and romance set in
Arcadia, the wild forests of the goddess Artemis… Game of Thrones meets The

A tormented wolf man… A mysterious girl with a terrible
Alara, a princess from a foreign land, is forced to wed the
sorcerer-king Aramon, a power-hungry warlord, who discovers her dark secret and
wants to use her to create an invincible army. When she meets Lycaon, she must
decide if she should trust the cursed, tormented half-man half-wolf who might
be her enemy or her true mate.
Lycaon, once a great king until he was cursed by Zeus to be
a werewolf, is drawn to the mysterious princess. He is torn between helping
Alara escape and using her to gain power over those who despise him.
Secrets abound and old enemies are reunited to battle Aramon
before his terrible plan is unleashed. Time is running out as the dark moon
approaches. Soon, Arcadia will be overrun with an unstoppable, vicious army
unless Aramon can be defeated. To prevent his victory, the cost is high. As
Lycaon’s affection for Alara grows, it becomes more difficult for him to decide
which to save: Arcadia or her.
she had been warned of Lycaon’s band of misfits, seeing them watching her with
cold eyes made her skin crawl. “Y-you are a goat man.” She stared in
astonishment at the horns, the pointed ears, and goat legs with hooves covered
in thick brown hair. Despite being half goat, he was the most handsome man she
had ever seen with bright, slanted blue eyes and shoulder-length dark brown
hair, some strands knotted into warrior braids. A belted loincloth covered
little, revealing a muscular upper body.
raised a bushy eyebrow. “I prefer satyr.”
other odd-looking people laughed.
opened her mouth to speak again, but the circle parted and a man stepped
forward. A hood covered his head, so she could only see glimpses of his face—a
flash of fang-like teeth, fierce eyes, and lots of dark hair. She shrank back
from the man who looked like a mix of human and wolf.
in Tartarus are you, and what are you doing in my lands?” His voice sounded
like a vicious snarl.
by his appearance, she wondered what the rest of his face looked like beneath
the hooded tunic. Towering over her, his muscles strained against the dark
brown woolen tunic and deerskin leggings he wore. Masculine power encircled him
like a god’s nimbus, in the proud way he carried himself, and in the way he
commanded their attention, for even his companions stepped back and looked at
him with reverence, even the giant who barely stood taller than what glared at
her now.
eyed his large feet covered in laced up leather boots, afraid he might kick
her, his anger at her quite apparent by the claw-like hands, partially covered
in fingerless leather gloves, fisted at his sides. All she could see were his
eyes, framed by heavy, dark, forbidding eyebrows, fixated on her from within
the hood. Ice blue and emerald green rings. Fiery golden flecks. Intense and
feral. She would never forget them. He held back his anger, but for how long?
“I-I came…” His fierce stare made her forget her speech.

Multi-published author Kelley Heckart lives in Arizona with
her musician husband, dog and a number of backyard “pets,” including Godzilla
the desert iguana. Her stories reflect her passion for ancient and medieval
time periods, storytelling and the supernatural. Inspired by the ancient Celts,
her tales are filled with fierce warriors, bold women, otherworldly creatures,
magic, and romance. When not writing, she works as a freelance editor and
practices target archery. She can be found online at
Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author
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