Yep Positive – It’s Monday

So you’ve been knocked out of your daily regime. Whether it be your diet, your writing routine, etc. You can get back on! Admittedly, sometimes I find myself looking back at a time when at my former word count glory of 3,500 a day with fondness and  ok, some envy. But when the unexpected happens, like a parent’s illness everything changes in the blink of an eye.

Now that my mother is better, thankfully, it has taken some time, but I no longer look at what I used to do. Instead, I challenge myself to new heights, and you can too by: 

1. Being patient with yourself. You didn’t get to where you are in one day, and you won’t get out of it in the same timeframe. Find your own rhythm.

2. Finding mentors, work buddies. Believe me this works, especially for those days you want to rant or celebrate your achievements. It’s important to have someone who is going through the same events or has been through it.

3. Being thankful.  This is something that I routinely employ: being thankful for everything. The good. the bad. The ugly. The moments that test us are often the very moments that will catapult us to a higher level. 

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