Scarlet Ties Series

I am pleased to announce that Totally Bound Publishing will be re-publishing and publishing first editions of my Scarlet Ties series. If you have a jones for vampires, mix-breeds who all hang out at the “It” spot for the occult and humans: the Scarlet Manor, a luxury erotic hotel, than you’ve found the right series. I’ll reveal the first cover soon. Here’s what’s coming up, a brief summary of each story:  

Totally Bound Publishing 
Scarlet Ties/Paranormal 
(Six book series)

Welcome to the Scarlet Manor, where your every desire is provided for. Our establishment caters to those who desire what goes bump in the night. Scarlet Ties tells the connection between Deiwalker vampires, humans and Companions, and other members of the occult elite. The Scarlet Manor is the erotic resort of choice for those who dabble in passions that intertwine with multi-species alliances.

Book One, Scarlet Ties: Taste (Scarlet Ties Taste Coming July 4th, 2014 (Preorder)

Heroine and Reporter, Ashlyn Michaels always gets what she wants! Her target; an interview with the elusive Rayven brother; Cyrus and get the goods on the notoriously erotically themed hotel that only a chosen view are able to visit. Ashlyn won’t admit to anyone regarding the instant connection she’s felt towards Cyrus during her research on him and his twin brother; Coye. She wasn’t looking for an affair, when getting the Rayven interview could save her job and from a mountain of debt bequeathed to her by her ex-husband’s lusts and untimely death.  She’d stick to the business at hand; ignoring the pulse of her heart whenever Cyrus is within distance and getting the truth behind the history of Rayven clan.  But is Ashlyn ready for what Cyrus requests of her?

Cyrus Rayven isn’t a man of many words. His need for communication to the outside world left him the moment his mate, Jordanna died years ago. No woman has moved him; though he has his choice of lovers as the human Ashlyn Michaels does. Her shapely curves and wicked tongue make everything within his cold Vampire heart run scalding hot. He knew her appearance at Scarlet Manor had nothing to do with wanting to locate a companion – he won’t allow it! If Ashlyn is going to join her flesh in primal hungered lust, it’s going to start and finish with him. Then and only then, will he give her the interview she seeks, but not before spending five nights in his bed. Surely, then Cyrus will have the need to consume the lovely Ashlyn out of his blood by then, wouldn’t he?

Book Two, Scarlet Ties: Tempted (Scarlet Ties Tempted Coming August 8th, 2014 (Preorder)
Noely Lamont is a Southern Bell extraordinaire and every southern woman knows how to get their man. She’s chosen Cyrus Rayven, the man who vehemently ignored her advances. Noely will bring him down to his knees, but then she didn’t count on meeting her match in twin brother, Coye or the red-hot passion that he ignited in her body.

Coye Rayven couldn’t be more intrigued in the hellion that had her sights set on his recently engaged brother, Cyrus. He’d do him the service of taking care of Miss. Lamont – starting with her lusty appetite that revel his own. Coye finds himself tempted to have the beauty as his own. Body and Soul.

Book Three, Scarlet Ties: Tamed
(Character Appearances: Cyrus/Coye Rayven, Cynara Rayven, Darla Maslin (#Book 5), Meena Kemp (#Book 6) and Dreighton Lowell)

Cyrus’s and Coye’s half-sister, Cynara Rayven has just made her reappearance into brothers’ life with a bang. She’s ready and more than willing to take over running the Scarlet Manor, despite her notorious history of being flighty and using her powers as an succubus to make men weak to her sexual hungers. Cynara meets her match when she comes face to face with the man who almost cost her her life, Dreighton Lowell, a hunter whose lust for revenge may cost Cynara her heart as well—if she lets him have it.

Dreighton, is a lost soul, hunting is all he’s known after a gruesome Vampire attack resulted in his family being murdered. In one night, the man he’d once been perished and what remained was the darkened soul that hungered for revenge and seized it in the name of justice, or so he told himself. Cynara’s face is one he has never forgotten as she was standing over him the morning after the attack. He vowed from that day on to extract his revenge on her kind, and he’ll start by pretending to be an interested investor in the Scarlet Manor. His close interaction with Cynara overwhelmed his body and threatened to melt the cold heart of an assassin.

Book Four, Scarlet Ties: Entice
(Character Appearances, Noely Lamont (Book #2), Braden Lamont, Pashon Garrett and Meena Kemp (Book #6) )
Noely Lamont’s (Book #2) brother, Braden Lamont checks in to the Scarlet Manor and he’s determined to sow all his Royal Companion oats with the glamorously reincarnated Goddess of Love and the Manor’s soul mate locator, Pashon Garrett. Tired of his Royal commitments and concubines, lawyer Braden Lamont journeys to the Scarlet Manor in the hopes of indulging his erotic senses, instead he encounters sensuous Pashon, who promises to find his love match.

Pashon has her own secret: if she falls in love before the end of her punishment from Zeus, she will be forced to stay on Earth without use of her powers. Torn between her Goddess hood and the man she’s developing feels for, Pashon must make the choice between desire, her higher livelihood and love.

Book Five, Scarlet Ties: Chosen
(Character Appearances: Cynara Rayven (Book #3), Jaxon Pierce, Darla Maslin, Sheridan)
Demons need love too! And no one knows that better than succubus, notorious bad girl actress in the limelight, Darla Maslin. Cursed and under the spell of an ancient witch coven due to her mother’s disobedience after falling in love with her demon father, Darla’s heart will never be sated by true love. Instead, she feeds off of one night stands and loner types at the Manor, denying her heart the one man she truly desires.

Billionaire Jaxon Pierce walks into Darla’s bedroom, declaring he’s not letting her go again, and as a warlock he possesses the power to free his lover of her dreaded curse—at a price—and into his arms for good. But when Sheridan, witch from Darla’s mother’s past returns, will Jaxon’s plan fail?

Book Six, Scarlet Ties: Forsaken
(Character Appearances: Kallen, Meena Kemp, Cynara Rayven (Book #2) )
Wounded lost angel and solider Kallen finds himself in the plush bed of Meena Kemp, he doesn’t know what to do first, get closer or flee. He doesn’t remember how he got to the Manor or inches from Meena’s naked body. Kallen soon learns that he’s been given an entirely new assignment which doesn’t include hunting injustice for Heaven’s army, but conquering Meena’s body and heart. 

Meena was the gatekeeper for all lost angels and souls for hundreds of years and has kept the peace between the merging occult and human world, but when she quits her position, she doesn’t expect to be punished with the ornery Kallen during her sensual respite. She’s given up on finding love or dating anyone in the occult elite, until Kallen falls from the ceiling, naked, onto her bed. But will she give love a chance with the demanding angel solider?

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