Sweeter Than This: What could be sweeter?


4 Stars, Rhea Alexis Banks, Founder/Chair of Chi-Town Reading Circle says…”Sweeter Than This by Samara King is a fascinating saga of hurt, deceit, betrayal and love. It kept me literally spell bounded as it unfolds and the “light” is shown.  It centers  around Officer Elisha “Elle” Taylor and most of the people in her life.  Ms. King keeps our rapt attention by injecting twist and turns that keeps this story unravelling and us on the edge of our seats. “

4 Stars, Ginger of Long and Short Reviews says…”Secrets, secrets and more secrets. Sweeter Than This has its share of secrets and the author did a fantastic job of keeping me in suspense.”

5 Stars, Cassandra, reader says…”This book had it all. Lies, deceit, murder and love. The chemistry between the heroine and hero was off the chain. I think this book should become a series.”

4 Stars, RomReader says, “A very good read.”

I want to thank everyone who has read Sweeter Than This and if you’ve read Sweeter Than This be sure to let me know or share a review! 

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