InCharacter Interview: Author Seressia Glass

Author Seressia Glass

1. Thank you for being here, Seressia! Can you tell readers about you and your latest release?

My publishing career began in 2000. I write contemporary romance, paranormals, and even have an urban fantasy series.

2. Your Sons of Anubis series stares a group of jackal shape shifters. Where did you come up with the idea?

I have a lifelong obsession with Ancient Egypt. Whiole writing my Shadowchasers urban fantasy series, which has a lot of Egyptian mythology in it, I began thinking about how to do a paranormal romance series with those elements. As I was writing a scene about the Book of the Dead, it hit me that I should do stories about jackal shape shifters who were created by Anubis to hunt the dead who didn’t want to complete their journey through the underworld. Of course, these Sons of Anubis needed love interests, and who better than magic-wielding priestesses known as the Daughters of Isis?

3. In Claiming The Jackal, which character did you relate to the most : Rana or Hector, and why?

While I understand Hector’s need to protect his people, I think I can relate more to Rana’s need to love and support her chosen family. She does this despite fearing that those she’s come to care about will certainly hate her for who and what she is.

4. What attributes draw you in when creating a hero?

I think a hero has to be protective. He has to be willing to make hard choices, even if that means sacrificing one to protect the group (and that one could be himself.). He has to feel the weight of his responsibilities, but he has no regrets doing what he knows to be right. And most importantly, he goes all out for the love of his life—even if he comes to the realization almost too late.

5. Which of your characters could you see switching lives with for 24 hours and why?

Hhmm, believe it or not, I think I would choose Aya, the matriarch of the Daughters of Isis. She’s seen and done a lot in her four thousand plus years of life. She’s had to make hard choices as leader of her coven of priestesses, but the fact that her charges have survived and thrived gives her immense satisfaction. Plus, she’s pretty damn powerful and looks good for a four millennia old high priestess with seven daughters and seven granddaughters!

6. What do you enjoy most about writing paranormal romance, and what TVtv shows or movies would you say influence your writing?

The thing I love best about writing paranormal romance is the opportunity to create new worlds using whatever rules I decide work best. Not that I have delusions of godhood, mind you—but the ability to create a world in my own image and imagination is very heady. I spend way too much time watching Ancient Aliens, the Universe, and any documentaries that are broadcast about Ancient Egypt, so I’d have to say they’ve probably rubbed off on me!

7. What is the best writing advice you’ve ever received?

“Vomit the words out. You can always clean it up later.” To the point and oh so true!

8. What do you have coming up next for readers?

Next up, I’m returning to contemporary romance with a sexy novel called Spice, which is the first book in the Sugar and Spice series, coming out in November with Berkley. It’s an emotional and sexy read, I think! A quick blurb: Nadia Spiceland is a former reality show chef and recovering narcotics addict who owns a café with her friend Siobhan “Sugar” Malloy. Three years sober, Nadia’s ready to find a friend with some serious benefits. Who better than Kaname Sullivan, a professor of human sexuality at the nearby college who’s known as Professor Sex by his students?

9. What are three words you would use to describe a Seressia Glass book?

Emotional, sexy, satisfying

10. Where can readers find out more about you and your upcoming releases?

Readers can find more information at my website and on Facebook at I’m also on Ttwitter at: and on Goodreads at:

Seressia Glass is an award-winning author of more than twenty contemporary and paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories. Her current series (Shadowchasers, Sons of Anubis) are steeped in Egyptian mythology. She lives north of Atlanta with her guitar-wielding husband and two attack poodles. When not writing, she spends her free time people-watching, belly dancing, and watching anime.

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