Character Crush: Tegan Murien of Passion’s Flight

Character Crush
Because Authors Have Crushes Too!
1.  What attracts you to Tegan and why is he your character crush?

There has always been something about Tegan Murien that got under my skin. At first he irritated the hell out of me. He was combative, moody and easily agitated. Honestly, I liked him the least of my Dark Breed Enforcers. Then I got a glimpse at the deep ties he foraged with the men, especially Marcus and Zeke. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for them. His unwavering loyalty showed me the crack the wall he had built. I found he was a man of intense emotions, feeling things deeper than most and capable of loving with his whole being. A born panther shifter, he has a lot of characteristics of the big cat. Contrary and stand offish, unpredictable, but also playful and affectionate. The more he let down his walls the deeper understanding I had of what made him work and the more I admired him. His book was the hardest book I’ve ever written by far, and yet it was the most rewarding. I came away with a major crush for my cat. 

2.  What is Tegan’s life mantra?

Well, with his never-ending fight against ferals his mantra is “kill them all and let the gods sort them out.” He likes the simple approach.

3.  What actor resembles Tegan?

There is only one man who comes to mind when I wrote Tegan, Mega hot male model, Marcus Schenkenberg.

4.  What is the one thing Tegan said they would never do, but did?

Having a mate terrifies him. Seeing what happened to his Mother, knowing he would end up vulnerable is something he avoids like the plague. For a Panther shifter to mate is a lifelong commitment. When one passes, the other also passes. If there are children involved they try to hang on, but lose themselves to their animals in the end.

5.  What key childhood event occurred that changed the way Tegan sees the world?

Losing his mother to her animal and then being hunted down and killed has stayed with him. It shaped his entire life. Losing control of his animal or emotions has made him keep everything bottled up tight. Fighting gives him a small release, but until he met Kyra, he was strung so tight he looked about to erupt at any time.  He was too young when he lost his father to remember him. His mother was all he had left of what he considered was his “true” family. That she was accused of killing a child is a stain to his soul he can’t come to terms with. 

6.  Does Tegan believe in following the rules?

Rules? He may have heard of the concept but he’s a cat and lives to be contrary. He does what he wants when he wants. Only Marcus and Zeke know how to leash the panther and get him to play nice. 

7.  Does Tegan believe in revenge?  If so, how did he get it?
        Yes, he is all about a claw for a claw. He is a plotter and stalker. He has more patience in his little pinkie than most people have in their whole bodies. *Warning* If  at all possible, do not tick off a cat shifter. They will get even.            

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  1. Thanks for having me today Samara. One of my favorite things is talking about my characters…and Tegan in particular 🙂


  2. Samara King says:

    He sounds like a great hero! Thanks for participating in Character Crush. 🙂


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