Character Crush: Caleb Tanner of A Girl By Any Other Name

Character Crush

Because Authors Have Crushes Too!

1.  What actor or actress resembles Caleb?  Young, clean shaven,
Charlie Hunnam.

 2.  What key childhood event  occurred
that changed the way Caleb sees the world? 
girl he loved died when she was sixteen. He held her in his arms, told he loved
her, and begged her to hang on.

3.   What’s sexy to CalebCut
off jeans, cow-boy boots, and girls who can shake their hips. 

4.  Who is Caleb’s nemesis?  Anyone who means to
harm his girl

5.   Use the first three words that
pop into your mind to describe Caleb.
protective, intelligent….can I also add hot? 

6.   Does Caleb believe in
ghosts, the occult, aliens, or the supernatural?  If so, why? 
necessarily, but when he sees a girl that looks an awful lot like the girl he
loved and lost almost ten years before, he wonders if he’s loosing his mind or
maybe seeing his Lenore. 

7.   What is your Caleb’s biggest
pet peeve? 
People who judge him
based on his southern accent  

8.   Where would you see Caleb in five years? Cal’s
going to graduate school to get his doctorate. He also wants to pursue his
writing, and write a few more novel. Sylvie is his childhood best friend, the
love of his life, and his muse.  


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