What I’m Writing To: Amel Larrieux

Artist:  Amel Larrieux  is an American singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Larrieux rose to fame in the mid-1990s as a founding member of the duo Groove Theory along with Bryce Wilson. After leaving the group in 1999, she released her debut solo album
 Infinite Possibilities the following year on Epic Records. In late 2003, Larrieux and her husband, producer laru Larrieux founded the independent label, Blisslife Records, on which she has released three albums so far. Larrieux cites Ella Fitzgerald,  Prince,  Sade, Rickie Lee JonesStevie Wonder,Shawn ColvinChaka Khan, John LennonPatrice RushenJimi Hendrix, and Joni Mitchell as her musical influences.

Album(s)   Bravebird, Infinite Possibilities, Morning, Lovely Standards, Ice Cream Every Day

Genre:    Folk, Jazz, Neo Soul, R&B, Soul
Perfect for:  Character growth arcs,  Middle-project-itis and restocking the creative well
Moods:  Rhythmic, Eloquent, Harmonious
Tracks:   For Real, Afraid, I Like The Sunrise, Afraid, Weather, I N I

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