Character Crush: Christopher Gordon of Summertime Dream

Character Crush
Because Authors have crushes too!

What attracts you to Christopher and why is he your character crush?
My character crush is
Christopher Gordon from Summertime Dream.
He’s solid and kind, and has a good sense of humor. He’s tough and dogged when
he must be, and gentle enough to be the man Margie needs in her life. He
appreciates a smart woman and the quiet everyday pleasures in life. He believes
in love, and yearns for it in his own life. He’d been in like, but never in
love. I fell for him when he and Margie were just secondary characters in my
first novel Clear As Day, and had a
blast learning more about him in his own story.
If Christopher was deserted on
an island, what would he take with them?
He’d take his fishing
and camping gear and he’d be pretty happy. Add in Margie, and he’d consider his
life perfect.
What key childhood event occurred
that changed the way Christopher sees the world?
Christopher’s father
was in the military and the family moved often. Christopher learned not to get
attached to places or people. He continued the habit of moving often after
college, preferring furnished apartments, and gathering few possessions outside
of his business needs.
Describe Christopher in two
sentences from your book.
He had the greenest
eyes she’d ever seen set in a craggy, captivating face, and smile crinkles by
his eyes and mouth. His sleek brown hair was neatly trimmed, his white polo
shirt set off his outdoor tan, and more men should look as good in jeans as he
What’s the luckiest thing that
ever happened to Christopher?
Beside falling in
love with Margie? Meeting his friends Lloyd, Dave, and Nate in college. After
moving so much in his life, and coming from a small family, his friendship with
the three men gave him the connection he needed in his life outside of his
song is “Christopher’s song?” Why?
“Now I Know Why (They
Call It Falling)” by Michael Franks. The beat and melody are a nice match for
the story, he likes jazz, and the lyrics suit how love took Christopher by surprise.
He was settled in his life and meeting Margie was the last thing he expected.
What is Christopher’s biggest
strength or weakness?
His biggest strength
is also his weakness. He’s very task focused. Great when working on a project,
and it’s made him highly successful in his consulting business, but not so good
when he gets targeted on a task and forgets to stop until he’s done, at a cost
to his personal life and happiness.
Come fall in love at
the river:
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  1. Hi Samara! Thanks for letting visit here today and share a peek at Christopher. 🙂


  2. Christopher sounds amazing. Good luck, Babette.


  3. Hi Sandra, thanks! I definitely loved writing him. 🙂


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