Character Crush: Terrence of Strictly Professional

Character Crush
Because Authors have crushes too!

1.  What actor or actress resembles Terrence? While writing, my inspiration for Terrence was the very, very, extra, super sexy Omari Hardwick.

2.  What makes your Terrence sexy? He’s sexy because he’s so focused on his career, but he’s still really laid back, not too serious.  And, his handsome face and toned body definitely don’t hurt J.

3.  Does Terrence  believe in following the rules? He believes in following the rules… until he meets Gabi.

4.  Use the first three words that pop into your mind to describe Terrence?  Mellow, Driven, Sexy.

5.  What relative is Terrence’s favorite or worst enemy? His Aunt Rae is one of his absolute favorite people!  She’s funny, and loving, and she provided much-needed stability for he and his sister after the death of their parents.

6.  Who is Terrence’s confidante? His best friend, Dorian.

7.  What is Terrence’s biggest strength or weakness? This may actually qualify as both, but once Terrence decides he wants something, he goes for it, and he doesn’t give up.  He may alter the amount of pressure, but he’s always pushing toward it.

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