Character Crush: Senth and NarrAy of At the Mercy of Her Pleasure

Character Crush
Because Authors have crushes too!

Senth and NarrAy

I’ll be talking about Senth Antonello and NarrAy Jorlan from
At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, and answering questions for both of them. Because
Senth is a gentleman he’s decided to allow NarrAy to answer first (actually she
gave him one of those looks and he deferred to her wisdom — *wink*).
1.  Describe Senth and NarrAy in two
sentences from your book.
NarrAy: Captain NarrAy
Jorlan of the All People’s Liberation Army leaned against the third-floor
balcony railing, counting her blessings that she stood far above the dance
floor. Lieutenant Broxus, her human assistant and security escort, had worn
appropriate party clothes, but when NarrAy had appeared in hers, the staid
officer had gone googly-eyed and started stammering.
Senth: Sheathed in
black, Senth checked left, then right before molding his body into the shadows
near a brick wall. The human and feline Kin gangs in Crooktown hunted mixed
breeds, and at first glance he appeared human, but with his catlike eyes and
fangs, no one could miss his feral nature.
2.  Do NarrAy and Senth believe in
following the rules?
NarrAy: Absolutely. She’s a captain in
the army, and rules are her life.
Senth: As a professional thief and
high-ranking member of the Thieves’ Guild, he understands the importance of
rules. But when it comes to his personal life, there’s nothing wrong with
pushing the envelope as far and as hard as it will go. After all, nothing
ventured, nothing stolen.
3.  Use the first three words that
pop into your mind to describe NarrAy and Senth.
NarrAy: Workaholic. Result-getter.
Senth: Playful. Fun-loving. Talented.
4.  What is the hardest task NarrAy and Senth have ever had to accomplish?
NarrAy: Investigating the death of her
own parents. They were scientists working for the Conqueror, the ruler of the
Tarthian Empire, and their discovery of an ancient technology was of great
interest to the military. Concerned with how the device would be used by the
Imperial Armada, they contacted the fledgling rebel forces. The Conqueror had
them killed for it, and confiscated their property. To get the activation codes
for the prototype device her parents had been working on, NarrAy needed to find
a way to steal back the locket they were hidden in, while preserving the secret
of the locket’s real importance.
Senth: Senth was hired to steal back a
locket belonging to NarrAy’s parents. Supposedly, all he had to do is nab the
necklace and return it to her, because it contains code to an inheritance of
some kind. Senth realizes immediately that the kind of payment he’s being
offered by his Sen’dai (his master at the guild) for doing such a simple job is
far out of proportion to its importance. Something’s not right. No way this job
will go down as easily as the man says it will. But Senth is all about the
5.  What past event in NarrAy’s and Senth’s life has defined them the most?
NarrAy: Joining the rebel military as an
interrogation expert. NarrAy is a Better, an enhanced human whose addictive
pheromones allow her to control and manipulate others. She can kill with them
if provoked. Having a way to channel her abilities gives her focus.
Senth: His mother killed herself within
days after he was born because she thought Senth himself had been killed. In
truth, he’d been spared by being sold into slavery. Because he was half-human
and half-Kin (known as a HalfKin) most human families didn’t want him. However,
when he was three, he was adopted by Luc Saint-Cyr, aka the Harbinger, a former
head of the Thieves’ Guild. Reared to be a master thief, Senth’s playful feline
half often gets in the way of his job. When Senth discovers that he has a human
half-brother, Khyff, who is also a slave, Senth starts focusing. He does
everything he can to free his brother, who is being abused. Prior to his
meeting Khyff, Senth cared little about anything other than getting his own
freedom from his adoptive (and overbearing, rules-oriented) father. When his
Sen’dai agrees to buy Khyff and free him for successfully completing a job,
Senth grabs the opportunity.
6.  Someone tries to rob NarrAy and Senth on the street. What would they do? What are they carrying that the robbers
might want? Is it a random incident or was one of them targeted?
NarrAy: They would soon find themselves
on the ground with her knee in their back. This is a tiny woman, but with her
martial arts training and pheromone mix, anyone attacking her wouldn’t stand a
chance. What is she carrying? Likely military secrets. It could be a random
attack, and she is quite beautiful, but more likely, this would be an attempt
to obtain eyes-only information.
Senth: Because he’s a HalfKin, Senth is
accustomed to being targeted. Bigots abound, and almost no one seems to care
for half-breeds. But Senth usually manages to turn the tables on his attackers,
and rob them before they get anything from him. He’s not above faking weakness
so someone will target him, and loves bragging that he not only stole back his
own “lifted” goods, but everything the would-be thieves had taken
from others as well.
7.  What social niche did NarrAy and Senth fill as a child–bully, nerd, cool kid, or something else?
NarrAy: As an only child and a Better,
NarrAy was a loner. She was well educated by her scientist parents, but also
Senth: Definitely the class clown. He
was once expelled from the Thieves’ Guild because he stole ice cream from the
cafeteria. When his father took him to task for it, Senth defended himself by
reminding the man he’d sent Senth to the academy to learn how to steal, and
that the “stuffed shirts” in charge should just “deal with
it.” His father, familiar with Senth’s penchant for trouble, gave him
advice that would end the conversation: “Don’t get caught again.”
8.  Who was the first person NarrAy and Senth had sex with? When did it happen? What was it like? 
NarrAy: She wouldn’t name names, but
because she is a Better, she tends to overcome her partners. The first time
didn’t go well and she was rather unsatisfied with the result, so when she met
Senth, she decided to take it slow and ease into the relationship. However,
once she got to know him, “easing in” to any aspect of their
relationship went out the window. She set out to seduce him.
Senth: Because of Senth’s feral nature,
his adoptive father kept him on a libido-depressant drug called Shackle that
prevented aggression as well as sexual activity. (Senth isn’t aware there are
other reasons for the drug — at least not in this book) The job he undertakes
to help NarrAy retrieve her family’s locket takes longer than expected, and the
drug’s effect wears off. He and NarrAy have their first encounter while Senth
is almost fully dressed, and beneath NarrAy in a bathtub. It was memorable for
When the mission goes wrong, risking pleasure is the least of
her worries, but Captain NarrAy Jorlan can’t get professional thief Senth
Antonello out of her mind — or her heart.
Genre: Science Fiction
Romance, Erotic Romance, Action Adventure
Warning: Contains half-feline
thief who plays with what he steals, and a by-the-book military heroine whose passion
he liberates. Author not liable for items missing once book is open, including hearts.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for featuring my characters today. Senth and NarrAy were a lot of fun to write. At the Mercy of Her Pleasure was actually my first published book, and I've learned a great deal since then. The sequel is For Women Only, about Senth's brother Khyff.


  2. Samara King says:

    My pleasure! Senth and NarrAy are definitely two fun characters 😉


  3. You ask some fun questions. I loved the one about being robbed on the street. LOL Senth actually gets mugged during the story, and turns the tables on his attackers. He is so frequently hassled because he is “only” half human or “only” half Kin that he's learned to use it to his advantage. In another book (Surrender Love) when he meets his adoptive father's spouse to be, Izzorah (a full blooded Kin) is surprised to see Senth isn't human, and says “You're a HalfKin.” Senth goes right into a spiel with NarrAy. “Am I a HalfKin?” She looks him up and down, describing his fangs and catlike eyes, and says, “You know, I think he's right. I think you are a HalfKin.” Senth turns back to Izzorah and thanks him, and asks, “Did you know you were a Kin?” Izzorah has the grace to blush and laugh. He looks up at Luc and says “You're right. He should come with a warning label.” Families are fun to write, aren't they?


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