In Character Interview with Reese Ryan, Author of Love Me Not


Welcome to Reese Ryan,
author of (The Bad Boys Gone Good series)
Me Not
 to Characters Behaving Badly.
Give us a peek into the world of the main characters in your book.

1. Where did you come up with the idea behind the series Bad
Boys Gone Good?
I wrote the first book, Making the First Move, as a standalone
book. But by the time I
d completed the novel I was sort of obsessed with the character,
Jamie Charles. I felt she deserved her own story. When Carina Press acquired
the first book, they agreed. So Jamie got a story of her own. Now the series is
basically evolving from extended friends and family of the Gordon family we met
in Book 1.
2.  It seems Jamie Charles
turns the tables on Miles Copeland in Love
Me Not.
Explain the chemistry between the two.
Because of how they meet,
Jamie and Miles build a reluctant friendship. At first, Miles sees Jamie as an
intriguing challenge. As he gets to know her, he realizes that they
re exactly what each
other needs. Jamie is adamant about keeping her relationships strictly
physical. Yet, there is something about Miles and his adorable persistence that
breaks down the walls she
s built around her heart.
3. When writing about Miles and Jamie which character did you
relate to the most and why?
The story is told from
both Miles and Jamie
s viewpoints. However, I spent most of my time in Jamies head. Shes hard and, at times, a
little bitchy, but she
s smart and loyal to her friends and adopted family. As we get
to know her
, we quickly understand
why Jamie doesn
t trust people and doesnt believe that love is for her. I could easily
sympathize with Jamie. Even though I haven
t experienced the things she has, I understand
how traumatic events early in life color your perception of yourself and the
world as an adult.
4. At what part of the writing process did your characters
become real to you?
I typically have to write
my way into a character. Once I understand the character better I complete an
astrological profile and a character profile. During that character profile I
answer a variety of questions about the character and he or she never fails to
reveal something that surprises me. That
s when the character begins
to feel real to me, when they begin to impact the direction of the story.
5. What is your favorite part of writing romance and do you see
yourself ever writing a different genre?
Im a hopeless romantic.
(You don
t want to know how many DVDs I own with Wedding in the title.) So I love
writing stories about people finding that special someone. I think romance will
always play some role in the stories I write. However, I
m also working on stories
in the genres of romantic women
s fiction, New Adult and romantic thriller.              
6. What’s one of your
guiltiest pleasures?
White cake and buttercream frosting. Sad, but true.
7. Name one thing readers don’t know about you?
Im addicted to music and
have a pretty eclectic musical palate. In a single day I might listen to pop,
folk, hip-hop, country, classical and the soundtrack for a Broadway play.
8. What can readers expect from you next?
Im currently working on
two other books in the Bad Boys Gone Good series. One is based on Leslie
Morales, a character who appeared in Making
the First Move.
The other centers on Kari Copeland, Miles
s little sister who
appears in Love Me Not.
9. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
While it has become more
challenging to get published traditionally, the rapidly changing industry
offers so many opportunities for new writers. So keep writing. Keep improving
your craft. Learn as much as you can about available options. Choose the one
s right for you. If this
is what you really want, be prepared to work hard for it.
10. Where can readers find you online?

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