#MFRWhooks : Sweeter Than This

MFRW Authors BlogBook Hooks is a new weekly meme hosted by the MFRW Authors Blog in which participants post 6-8 sentences from their book. I’m glad to be joining in with a snippet of my upcoming January 28th release, Sweeter Than This:    

 Look away!
Elle turned her head just as Durant looked in her
direction, a slow smile tugging at the corner of his lips. She snapped her head
around. Where the hell is that coffee?
She needed to be on the road and not recounting the ways he’d made her come a
year ago. Knowing that he still had the ability to captivate her attention made
her blood boil. Lines had been crossed, dotted, and underlined in Durant’s

Guilty pleasures… Elle knew of them; she was
experiencing one right now. 

Sweeter Than This
Samara King
Loose ID
Available January 28, 2014

Revenge could be sweet and desire deadly, or so Officer Elle Taylor is finding out upon learning her father is the late Chicago mobster, Montgomery “Black” Kearns. When an unknown enemy steps out from the shadows and targets Elle’s mother, she leans on her ex-lover and Kearns’ enforcer, Durant Kane for help.

Will Elle risk crossing the forbidden line between duty and love once and for all before a murderer strikes, leaving her life in flames?

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