Character Crush: Dean of A River Moves Forward

Character Crush
Because Authors have crushes too!

1. What attracts you to Dean and why
is he our character crush?
Dean is an easy-going laid back man.  He doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and it
takes a lot to make him angry. By the same token, Dean is no pushover. If you
disrespect him, he will let you know it.

2. What is the biggest love lesson
Dean believes in? 
Never marry someone
you don’t love.

3. What actor or actress resembles Dean?  Denzel Washington

4. Would Dean ever date someone
completely opposite from him? If  he has,
what happened?
His first wife was his opposite and the marriage was disastrous.
She had low self-esteem and no drive in bettering herself. Dean was her meal

5. What has been the biggest
conflict in Dean’s life? 
Finding the
love he really wants, and reconciling with his father.

6. What makes Dean sexy? His
mannerisms, the way he dresses, and carries himself. He’s so laid back and
cool.  Yet, he’s a force to be reckoned

7. What challenges did Dean have
growing up?
Having his father resent him for his brother’s death.

8. How does Dean define eroticism or
His motto is to romance her and show her how erotic he can be

9. Describe Dean in two sentences
from your book. 
Dean was six feet-four
inches tall with a dimpled smile that could light up the room.  His skin was chocolate smooth like a  Hershey chocolate bar.  When his dark piercing eyes looked at you,
you felt like he was reading your soul.

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