Character Crush: Drake of Games Devils Play

Character Crush 
Because Authors have crushes too!

1. What
makes Captain Drake sexy?

Drake Devilin is strong, confident to the point of cocky, and a natural born
leader. To direct his army troop into war is one thing, but to take on one of
the strongest witches in the world is something else entirely.

2. What is Drake’s motto?
Drake Devilin is a take no prisoner type of guy. Whether it is war or love,
Drake doesn’t believe in leaving causalities behind. A ladies man before the
forced union to his beautiful bride, Drake made it known he had no plans for a
long term affair.

3. What is the one thing Drake said he would never do, but did?

A dedicated
bachelor, Drake put a lot into the art of his craft of being a playboy. He
would never fall in love. Even after Drake took the deal to marry Sienna, he
made sure to get as far away from her as possible. Lured from New York to
Europe he had no choice but to fall for the enticing witch. He could have left
after their contractual year of being married to one another was up. However,
he didn’t want t a life without his magical bride.

4. What key childhood event occurred
that changed the way Drake sees the world?
This is
such a great question to explain my hero! At the age of eleven, Drake was taken
from his parent’s home in Europe and placed in the care of his Texan grandfather.
He learned his work ethic and how to be a man from his grandfather. If Drake stayed
in the venomous atmosphere of his parent’s house, he would have turned out
worse than his cousin, Grey. Drake was only able to succeed in life because he
left his childhood home early. It helped build up his backbone and
fearlessness, thank goodness for his Grandfather Hastings.

5. Does Drake  believe in
revenge?  If so, how did he get it?

In the first
installment of the Sweet as Sin series, Drake was all about revenge. It was
such a bone of contention with him, and his troop, that Drake nearly lost
everything he worked for due to it. Throughout the series, Drake softened. No
longer craving revenge, Drake is all about a peaceful life on the island.
Unless someone comes after his wife, Sienna, then all bets are off. Drake will
throw everything he has at anyone who dares comes in the way of his sweet life
with his wife.

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