Character Crush: Marcus of Consume Me

Character Crush
Because Authors have crushes too!

1. My Character Crush is my hero from Consume Me, Marcus. What attracts you to Marcus and why is he your character crush? Marcus is an all-round decent guy, sexy as hell, dominant, yet sensitive.

2. Does Marcus believe in love? In the beginning of the novel no. however he meets one girl that flips his world upside down and it is because of her that he gives love a chance again. 

3. What is your Marcus’ guiltiest pleasure? Indulging in the finer activities of dominance and submission- enjoying the submission given to him by his submissive   

4. If Marcus were doing a sexy photo shoot, what would he wear? Leather pants and black tank- of course he’d have to take off the shirt so we see his gorgeous tattoos and muscles. 

5. What is Marcus’ biggest strength or weakness? His biggest strength is his loyalty to his submissive, his friends and those that trust him. 

6. Where would you see Marcus being in five years? He will be married to his soul mate, still enjoying his kinky lifestyle, running his club in Boston.

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