I’m Just Saying Thursday: My Top 5 Writing Tools

There are certain things that a writer cannot live without. For me, the items below have become my mainstays during my creative process.

My Asus Zenbook laptop is like my 2nd child. 3lbs and goes with me everywhere. I use it for my writing and design projects. Buying laptops can be one of the most frustrating experiences to me. When I purchased this one, it was based on its size and the 2 second resume comes in handy.
My Galaxy Note tablet is used for my poetry and also duals as my voice recorder for spoken word drafts. With the S Pen I am able to capture images and graphics. The Note is also great for putting together character profiles or research and notes on the go.
 Ah, those lovely notebooks. There are times when I sincerely want to back away from all the apps, notifications and all things electronic. If you are a notebook junkie then you know there is something fundamentally sexy about them. (Er…sorry that was my inner junkie coming out) I like the old school reporter notebooks the best. 

Candles are a peaceful addition while writing or working out plot angles. Anything to keep from watching the blinking cursor on my laptop screen.

What would the world be like without music? Lifeless. From housecleaning to typing out dramatic black moments, I utilize music.

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