Character Crush : Daphne of Saying No To The Big O

Character Crush 
 Because Authors have crushes too!

.    Why is Daphne your character crush?

Daphne “Daph” Collins is my character crush because she is a mixture of traits that I love in a person. She’s, of course, attractive, but she’s also funny, sarcastic, intelligent, creative, loving, and a bit broken. It’s that broken part I love the most because she has room to grow and mend those broken parts of her.

2.    What is the one attribute you like about Daphne the most?
It’s an interesting attribute for me because in the writing of Daphne initially, it was my favorite, but it was soon replaced with another attribute. Initially, her “do what I want” personality won me over. But as I saw her grow, I realized that what I loved most about her was her vulnerability.

3.    What is your favorite breakfast that makes you feel most creative?
MY fave breakfast? That’s a twist! LOL Two soft, fried eggs; potatoes, pork chop, and apple sauce. Now ask me how long it’s been since I’ve had those things together! Ha!

4.    Describe Daphne
Here are two paragraphs. Both (though not back to back) come in a beginning scene with Daphne is with her best friends at lunch and Daphne is forced to think about what she does and how she thinks about relationships.

—Daphne swallowed her embarrassment. She didn’t feel this way often, but Denise always played a role in igniting her conscience. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with how she lived her life. She was always safe and never attached herself to any one person. She didn’t get hurt, and she always tried to present her desire to those she got close with so that they wouldn’t catch feelings. The thought brought her mind to Joseph and she sighed. That was unfortunate. 

—Now, at 32, now at a time when young women didn’t have to be married with children by the age of 30, Daphne still saw that hold of tradition on women around her—and it made her question just how important her stance was. Was it even a stance? Was she just being indifferent? Denise was married with two rambunctious kids, and despite Teray’s rotating door of eligible bachelors, she had been constant with Stephan for at least a year. Even though Teray had a melting pot of men to choose from, Daphne and Denise were waiting for the day that Teray would tell them that Stephan had popped the question. Although they didn’t tell Teray, they were already ready to ogle the ring and make plans for the big day. When the waiter returned with her second glass of wine, Daphne downed it, along with her bitter memories.

5.    What was Daphne’s sexiest moment?
Funny question considering Daph tries to get “sexy” every chance she gets! I’d have to say it’s probably the moments she spends with Rick, the guy who has her emotions upside down because unlike all other men who fall for her charm and between her legs rather quickly, Rick wants to know more about what’s going on in her head.

6.    What is Daphne’s biggest regret?
Good question. Daph’s biggest regret is probably believing her own hype and truth. She believed her thoughts about men and women and relationships and allowed those thoughts to make a way for her that “worked” but might not have been the best for her.

7.    What would Daphne do that others consider a taboo?
Although we seem to live in a society where ANYTHING GOES and we get looser and looser with morals by the second, there are still people who lift eyebrows and judge those who are willing to jump into bed with anyone that tickle their fancy. Daph is that person. Even her girlfriends, particularly Denise, can’t get down with that.

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