My Sexy Saturday

7 paragraphs from my upcoming novella, (tentatively titled Naughty Bits) for this week’s My Sexy Saturday.
When reporter Grace Malone had thought about getting her
sexy back; being clad in a tight black corset with her 36c’s clinging two
inches beyond the bodice of the shiny fabric for dear life had not been in the
picture – well at least in the presence of a man! Not fifty other women strutting their perky behinds around
like they were born wearing five inch heels! The ruffled pink and black
hipsters hugging her ass were a clear indication that she was not in her
average everyday world anymore.
She stifled a groan of protest as another young woman
rapidly approached her, snatching the black rimmed glasses off her nose. Her
eyes darted from the mirror she stood in front of and looked for the nearest
Maybe she could attempt to be like Dorothy and tap the toes
of the black stilettos together and head back where it was safe – like buried
in research in her cramped office – with her glasses, without them she was
blind as a bat.
Her first undercover assignment for Naughty Bits, the
wanna-be fashion, gossip spread, she’d been employed by for the last year and
she had created her own version of the happy hooker and hybrid Victoria’s
Secret model.
She leaned closer to the mirror, despite the hiss of the
woman perched to her side who was pinning a pleat.  “Sorry.” Grace muttered, rolling her
eyes.  She squinted, thankful that some
of that time spent in the gym was paying off at that moment. She felt her mouth
quirk upward. She looked kinda hot.  From
the moment she’d hit thirty-three years-old, those hour long
turn-body-to-pretzel sessions were working it!
Go me!  Now why in the hell am I
doing this again? 
Grace took a deep breath.
“Don’t breathe!” The woman below
her screeched.
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dakota Trace says:

    Very descriptive


  2. LOL – I think she's in for some interesting times!
    Thanks for stopping by my seven.


  3. Samara King says:

    Thanks so much Shelley


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