My Sexy Saturday

Another 7 paragraphs from my spy novella, Pulse for this week’s My Sexy Saturday entry.  (Adult excerpt)

Blurb:  What’s a woman to do when she discovers she used to be married to a spy?
Cassidy Raleigh Sebastien has learned to live without her ex Gabriel, that is until he returns to New Orleans and sweeps back into her life one night during a masquerade party. She has no plans on letting Gabe see the desire that still makes her heart pound, especially when a mysterious stranger beats him to the punch. 

Gone are the days of playing spy for former agent, Gabe Sebastien. His only mission: to reconquer Cassidy’s heart and he’ll start with his own covert operation of seduction.

Gabriel’s gaze roamed over her as the moonlight sprinkled through the hedges. His heart clenched. “You’re beautiful.”

Cassidy smiled. “And you’re not naked.”
He leaned forward, shucking off his jacket. His shirt was next to follow. Her hot little hands went for the snap on his pants and quickly unzipped them, then shoved them down his legs, but not before Gabriel reached for a condom. Air hissed between his lips as Cassidy’s perfectly skilled fingers wrapped around the thick width of his cock. He could barely think straight. Her touch was tender but powerful.
His hips lifted methodically, naturally, to her manipulations, all the while trying to rein in the fierce need to rip the damn mask off his face and tell her it was him she was fucking. It was his cock about to be buried so deep within her pussy that time would
Gabe thrust a finger into her slick pussy. He clasped his lips over hers to keep her from screaming out in pleasure. His tongue mimicked the teasing moves of his fingers, plunging
deep into her mouth, liking the sweet taste of her lips and the way she flirted with him using her tongue.
She tasted so good. His memories didn’t quite live up to this moment. Moving down her body, he nipped at her tight nipples with his teeth, sucking her flesh between his lips and tongue. He didn’t doubt for one moment that trying to forget about Cassidy would be as difficult as his year of captivity in a Middle Eastern jail ceil.
He slipped second finger inside of her wet heat. She rotated her shapely hips against him. He needed his cock inside of her before he went insane. He pulled away from her, tore open the condom, and smiled as she snagged it away from him.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Woh, can't wait to see how she reacts when she figures out the hot guy at the masquerade is her ex! Very hot exceprt.


  2. Lynn Crain says:

    Wonderful snippet! I really enjoy the banter and the fact she doesn't even recognize him. You'd think she would after being with him…but…when you make yourself over and are mysterious, I can only imagine.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Dakota Trace says:

    Yum,makes me wonder however how it is she doesn't realize it's him.



  4. Samara King says:

    Thanks Linda, Lynn and Dakota! Its fun to trick the characters sometimes. (I didn't make her climb a tree…maybe a mountain)


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