My Sexy Saturday – September 14

 Kicking off My Sexy Saturday with 7 paragraphs of my sexy (I married a spy) novella, Pulse. I’ve always loved the movie True Lies and Gabriel and Cassidy’s story is one of my favorites.

“You look like a woman who could use a ride.” Gabriel’s resonating voice, coated with innuendo and that slow Southern charm, filled her to the bone.

Cassidy rolled her eyes, but her breath caught as he hefted his tall body out of the Mercedes convertible and slowly walked up to her. He filled out the black tux to the point of distraction. Her mouth went dry. No man had the right to look that good. Like drizzled honey over ironclad muscles.She forced herself not to focus on the total package, and looked him in the eye. Those stormy gray eyes that reminded her of the many rainy nights they’d spent making love. Eyes that would steal her soulif she let them.

Get it together, girl, she chided herself. What the hell was wrong with her? They’d been divorced for the last thirteen months. No communication had been exchanged once the final divorce papers were served. And now, she couldn’t stop her hormones from taking a swan dive anytime he was within shouting range.

“You never have to ask me to help.” Gabriel leveled her with a stern look that brooked no argument from the average person, but Cassidy knew better. She wasn’t afraid of him or that deep voice he used as a lethal weapon against her sex drive. “You know I would have come, anyway.”

He stopped mere inches from her, his curious eyes taking her in from head to toe, a slow smile tugging at his full lips. “You look like you had quite the battle, Cass.” His gaze roamed over her again, lingering on the deep plunge of her neckline, at the swell of her full breasts. “Too bad, too, because that dress was a killer.”

She watched his eyes darken as his gaze lowered on the high split of her gown, and made no move to cover her exposed skin. “I’m not your responsibility anymore.”

 “It has nothing to do with responsibilities between us, and you know it.” His gaze burned into hers.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Dakota Trace says:

    Very interesting. I loved the True Lies movie as well. Nice amount of tension here – very sexy.



  2. I love True Lies too. Hormones taking a swan dive… great line!


  3. Love the imagery in your 7! Well done!


  4. Samara King says:

    Thanks very much Dakota, Naomi and J.A. 🙂


  5. Lynn Crain says:

    I love their interplay. It will be interesting to just see what happens next!


  6. Samara King says:

    Thanks so much Lynn 🙂


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