My Sexy Saturday – August 31st

7 Sexy paragraphs from  (wip) HEAT, coming 2014
There were things that Agent Veronica “Ronnie”
Deve­­rs could deal with like hitting rush hour traffic after working a
straight twelve hours, or when her crazy neighbor Miss Chu showed up on her
doorstep with the weirdest of men as suitable dates, or when a perp took her on
a chase during ninety plus degree weather. Those things were easy. This was
Vegas. When you lived here, you were bound to see a little of everything. Her
eyes shifted to the man sitting across from her.
Christien Amos? Not so easy.
Being struck by lightning while running down the strip
stark naked would be a better option 
than working with him. What choice did she have? The man was now part of
her investigative team. Ronnie’s eyebrows rose as Christien turned to catch her
eye. The hot blast of awareness shot between them. Nothing new. The intensity
of it was driving her crazy. He was wrecking havoc on her libido. Ronnie
thumped the tip of her pen against the glass table.
She believed he knew full well knew that he had the
uncanny ability to set her on fire. Make her panties wet and her nipples tight
within a blink of those sinfully brown eyes of his. Ronnie looked away from his
knowing gaze, pretending to scribble something down about the case they were to
take on. She exhaled. A couple of nights alone with Christien?

After the meeting ended, she heard his sensually dark
voice from behind her.“Does this mean I get to call you the missus and
lick your face… again?”
“Try it and you’ll be tongueless in five
seconds.” Ronnie refused to look at him. He desired her submission and she’d be damned if she’d give it.
“In some circles, I hear that that’s wildly

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Love her sassy attitude and got a great image of her running down the Strip naked. Ha!


  2. Dakota Trace says:

    What a tease! But I love it. Good luck with WIP.



  3. Carly Carson says:

    Ha! I love your tagline – Characters Behaving Badly. What could be more interesting?


  4. Samara King says:

    @ Noami – thank you very much. lol.


  5. Samara King says:

    @ Dakota Trace, thank you so much for reading.


  6. Samara King says:

    @ Carly Carson, naughty characters always keep me on my toes 🙂 Thanks!


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