Red light…Green light

Change is the one constant in life. Surely, I’ve heard those words many times in my life; however, change – with its ninja force – doesn’t prepare you for a parent’s illness, moving, or the fact that all these events are all happening around the time that your son is graduating, and dare I say writing or any intent purposes therein take a swift toss to the proverbial backseat of longing looks of what was your kick ass work-in-progress and characters, characters that at one time eagerly seduced you with their witty one-liners, but now, stomp off with an over-the-shoulder wave and a sarcastic “Whatever.”

At times, I couldn’t help feeling like I was the one left standing on the outside looking in as my creativity/characters strolled on the opposite side of the cosmos while mouthing “Call me!”  Life crises ought to come with a manual. I’d surely be on page 107, paragraph eight by now.  With so many emotions and events cascading fluidly, it can be challenging to differentiate an event(s) from being a delay or an opportunity for creative release.  My viewpoint changed when I began to see that I could either use this chaos to my benefit or pick the really attractive option: hide under the covers. 

During some of the tougher moments, I went back to meditating, journaling, and conversing with other creative people, things I didn’t always have time to do before the world tilted off its axis but have since made a part of my daily regime. The absence actually fueled me for the moment I would be back to doing what I love, writing. It also enabled me to do spring cleaning of things that I needed to let go in one aspect or another while narrowing down my focal points.

The lesson learned? What seems like a delay is often primed with an opportunity to restructure, recapture aspects of life or your craft that are most important to you. You have a choice to wallow in chaos or build momentum for when the sun breaks through the clouds.

I’m all for sunny days…now back to regularly scheduled releases. Stay tuned!

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